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Understanding Planetary Resources and the Power Within You

Aleiya Hunter and her Guide Team provide the first keys to unraveling deception in systems, and media broadcasting.

Understanding Planetary Resources and the Power Within You

The battle for this planet has, in large part, has always been about control of resources. And while you might identify with that on a strictly human level considering wars in the middle east over oil, or conflict diamonds in Africa, there are other resources that have long been hidden from you that now come into play at a much greater level. This is our point of discussion today. Because if you have a conscious knowledge and understanding of it, then it is automatically harder to control you. This is the precipice on which the universe around you now stands. It accounts for the disruptions and meaning and infirmity of the symbols you have been pushed to follow, trust or worship. Everything “above” you in your view of the global power hierarchy is more lie than fact. More illusion than reality. Yet you each by choice get to make it so. So how does a discussion now contribute to your reality shifting and why would we start with a pointed overview of resources?

If you were standing in a room in the dark and were hurting, you would not know what to reach for. You might beg and feel the victim of your entire life up to that point with an overwhelm of circumstances that your only reality would tell you to fight against. But on the other hand, what if the lights were turned on?  You’re first thought would be that you can now see the solutions sitting around you in the room. Those are the equivalent of the resources you know of in your daily life. Humans are used to, and trained into, that 3-D planetary imprint. They are bred, socialized, and conditioned NOT to know or understand the way manifestation and universal law actually work. That the physical reality around them can in a heartbeat be shifted and changed by their own thought, is kept a secret from the masses. Because if they knew it and started using it in their daily lives, then they would no longer be afraid and controllable. And this is not wishful or science-fiction thinking.

Energy, power and light is channeled like a matrix in a computer program. That computer program is your DNA and personal energy field. And the truth is, it’s your consciousness that in any moment can disallow any function, process, behavior, or group who had the negative intent to control you. And you do that by withdrawing your physical and energetic support from it. You stop believing in it, feeding it, putting your attention on it, and it will eventually no longer exist or have an impact on your personal experience. This is how manifestation works. The entirety of a society doesn’t have to stop believing in it, though you can see that happening on a large scale on the planet. It is your individual focus that can change your manifestation of reality. And as we widen your view to focus on the battle underway on the planet, and through all of the discussions we will share with you, remember this one important truth. Our sharing of the actual groups, organizations, individuals and behaviors on the planet gives you knowledge. And with that knowledge comes personal power. You can say no to anyone or anything that is trying to control you. And this is the true beginning. Of empowerment through awareness and peace and application of your energies to direct your circumstances and life.

Time is a factor that can clearly be seen to be bending and changing in your direct view. What was once a standard calendar now nearly drops out beneath your feet. Your scientists have recorded and noted that the planet is both spinning faster and has a quicker “heartbeat.” One of the primary positive goals for both the earth and humanity, with the assistance of the benevolent extra-terrestrial races, has been to evolve the human body and form to be capable of holding higher awareness and consciousness. You can consider this similar to downloading upgrades onto your computer so that it runs faster and can access more information. Everything has a vibration and frequency. Lower frequencies are slower and denser in vibration. Higher frequencies are faster and lighter. So, amidst our discussion of evolution, we bring back in your first understanding of what constitutes a “resource” on this planet.

Energy in all forms is a resource. Humans fight for oil to run machinery. This concept is in plain view in your daily life. But other resources on this planet include realities hidden from you. In fact, the energy of fear is a resource, not just a method of control. But we will discuss it from both perspectives. Did you ever stop to really think why it is the goal of organizations and governments to feed you huge doses of information in every area from finance to war to health to entertainment that focuses both your conscious and subconscious mind to keep it in a nearly never-ending fear state?  Fear is a lower vibration. The first level of reasoning brings you to the natural and accurate assumption that “money” is the resource acquisition goal. If you’re afraid of the future you will buy whatever they are selling to avoid a frightening outcome. Marketing, advertising, news media, product sales, horror movies featuring violence, and other elements all converge with one goal. To keep you afraid so that you can be controlled.

We will discuss later at great length the details of the control mechanisms and additional reasons for them, always with the intent that if you know what is happening around you, you can make deliberate decisions and changes. Fear of the unknown is removed when knowledge is provided. And we will remind you again, that the universe converges and flows within you, so nothing we share should bring you to a sustained fear. Only added empowerment as you allow fear to be cleared from your system. So, let’s talk about the energetic factor of fear.

In your world, you know that food provides your bodies with energy to function. For most humans it’s food in the form of fruit, vegetables, grains, etc. and your body processes the nutrients it needs out of those resources. Plants feed on sunlight and water. Other creatures live in the total darkness at the bottom of the ocean and feed on the minerals and microorganisms around the sea floor volcanic vents of the earth. All of those facts being true, would it really seem so odd that there is a group of beings that feed off of the vibration of fear? Now, before you freak out with flashbacks of sci-fi horror movies you’ve seen, let’s give you a more direct human-to-human example. Each human, animal, physical being has an energetic field. An “aura” around them that interacts with the environment surrounding them. So, when you come into physical contact with another being, there is a sharing and transfer of energy. We are simplifying this and encourage you to study the subject to learn more about illness and your abilities to direct that energy; but for now, let’s just stay with the fear-as-a-resource discussion. Have you ever spent time with a family member or friend and noticed when you left them that you felt really tired and drained? Your modern term now coming into awareness in society is to call this person an “energetic vampire,” which is highly accurate. To continue with this line of consideration, have you ever had an unexplained reaction to being in the presence of, or touching another person? In some cases, it may have felt amazing. In other instances, your body may have suddenly felt a wave of warning, sudden nausea or other discomfort. We point this out to give you a view of reality. You are not without already having an awareness of energy flow and information. You “see” it, feel it and recognize it all the time. You scientifically understand how different types of beings sustain themselves. Every food and water source on the planet is a resource. And so are pure energy forms without them needing to be in physical form. Fear is a resource and food source.

Perhaps you have read about our past planetary history that includes the information of extra-terrestrial races who, with negative and selfish intent, decided they wanted to use humans and the earth as a resource for themselves. Not unlike the Roman Empire or the British Empire seeking to control land and its population by invasion. Extra-terrestrial races also came to recognize that the earth held a wealth of resources they could use, control, and extract for themselves that were not in large enough supply on their planet or dimension. Or in other cases it was because they had destroyed their own planet and saw the earth as a solution. This becomes a much bigger subject that will be expanded on later as well, but for just this discussion we will highlight the fact that there are many benevolent and loving extra-terrestrial races here on the earth as well, with the goal of uplifting humanity and providing protections. And there are certain galactic agreements and rules that are being broken by the races who implement their agendas to use and control humans.

This most likely brings you to the big question. Why aren’t the light beings directly intervening to stop it? Well, remember that point of personal power we keep reminding you about? Higher than any treaty enacted, and beyond positive or negative intent of any group of extra-terrestrial races, is Universal Law. And get ready for a little Star Trek movie parallel…. the earth is a free-will-free-choice-zone. That means the humans are given the power and ability to choose. And that can’t be interfered with. You have a right to sit on the couch and eat 10 gallons of chocolate ice cream a day. You have a right to apply your energy and focus and thoughts on anything in the universe. It’s part of the way incarnation into physical form is set up to work on the earth plane. And at the planetary level, beings of light work on all planes and dimensions through the frameworks and timelines and realities to give you information and knowledge to make any decision you want to. While at the same time, the extra-terrestrial races who have less positive intent feed you misinformation and encourage down through the human power structures the building of platforms they can “feed” off of. This is the battle of light vs. darkness in the duality of the earth plane that is featured a million ways in the movies. And the good news… as we progress through the months to come, we are going to tell you exactly where they are standing and what those control structures are. Because once you know, they lose their ability to have your fear and money and time and DNA as a resource to feed off of.

This is the time of the great evolutionary choice on the planet earth. Higher vibration and higher frequency waves of light are being directed and delivered onto the planet in what is called “the great experiment” in human and planetary evolution. The option to plug into it and have your life become an amazing path is accessible to you. And as a part of that is the delivery of information that can break humans out of thousands of years of control mechanisms and illusions. It’s a time when all systems are revealed past what the surface view of society shows you. And those discussions will be provided for you here as we progress. A great coming together of the true influence of the extra-terrestrial races in the daily existence of political systems, financial systems and beyond. This isn’t a discussion to be afraid of. Quite the opposite. We tell you with certainty that fear is debilitating and used against you. And accurate knowledge of how things work gives you the power to remove those mechanisms from your life, the planet and influence over humanity.