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Finding detachment, engaging as a warrior, and recognizing the gift of Universal Law in getting “unfriended”

Awareness of Universal Law in engaging with and experiencing the dynamics of relationships under stress on the earth plane.

Finding detachment, engaging as a warrior, and recognizing the gift of Universal Law in getting “unfriended”

People aren’t handling the energies and pressures being experienced on the earth plane very well right now. In fact, you’ll notice a level of lashing out and emotional behaviors that can leave you confused and feeling hurt when it’s aimed at you. A good thing to keep in mind is that no matter the circumstances, unless you are the one raging and being irrational or mean; the dynamics in society are better to be viewed as much as possible from a detached perspective. And believe me, I know how difficult that can be sometimes. Yesterday I discovered that a long-time friend had not only “unfriended me” on Facebook, she actually blocked me. Yep, I made the mistake of letting this non-metaphysical friend/business acquaintance see a bit of my metaphysical instructor side. I’d love to be one of those people who can visibly be a metaphysical girl everywhere they walk, but it’s just not possible given the nature of my consulting work. Regardless, this woman and I had spent lots of supportive time together over the years and she wasn’t unaware of some of what she would consider my “weirder studies.” And what happened to friends talking and making recommendations like “hey, your world seems to be imploding…you should try meditation and getting in touch with your internal guidance to see what’s at the root cause of things?” Friends get together for coffee and decompress all the time, right? Hearing suggestions from people we don’t necessarily feel are right for us shouldn’t lead to a full-blown rage episode…should it?

I’m sharing this as an example of the insanity and over-the-top emotional reactions that you, too, may be experiencing around you. As a metaphysical instructor I can tell you that there are a couple of good news elements to an occurrence like this. For starters, Universal Law works like gravity. I don’t know about you, but all this insanity, bad behaviors and lower vibrations aren’t welcome in my world anymore. And I know it’s my job to not hold them close to me or allow them. This becomes especially true in relationships where things can go toxic these days in a heartbeat. So, recognizing that as I do my own work to raise my personal vibration and balance myself through meditation and other techniques; the Universal Law of Attraction just gave me a congratulatory high-five. My heart is shocked and extremely sad to be rejected by this friend. But the Law of Attraction tells me that… if two people are not vibrating in the same frequency, they will repel each other.

I encourage you to stop for a moment and read that sentence again while considering its implications in your personal world.

The Law of Attraction works like gravity. It delivers to you a guarantee that if two people are not vibrating in the same frequency, they will repel each other.

This woman’s life is in a total state of upheaval and chaos. It’s visible by looking at the intense and terrible events she is attracting that her higher self/soul is trying to get her attention to make some sort of change. If just the suggestion to her of how to better balance, stop, and consider positive changes sends her into an unfriendly rage and rejection of me, then I view it as the perfect announcement, support and protection by the universe. Because honestly, I would rather put out the energetic call to attract wonderful new, more openly balanced people who treat me better than that. My human-personality side will be sad for a bit. And I’m certainly available to support welcoming and kind friendships from people who behave and treat me with respect and kindness even if they are having stress in their lives…because isn’t everyone experiencing stress these days? But my mastery/warrior side is more than happy to be rid of her if her behavior is going to be like this. And I’m choosing to take her exit as a compliment from the universe that I’m moving forward in managing to balance and raise my vibration. I can’t fix everything or assist everyone, but I can hold on to that mission with very deliberate intent even on the days I’m exhausted by it all.

The second flag this situation gave me, was to notice how many people from my past I have left on my Facebook feed as “friends” that don’t deserve that title or access to me.  Not to mention that every time one of their posts come up it’s a constant reminder of when they treated me badly and I’m sad all over again. I tend to be such an open heart that I want to keep the contact, remember the good things and try to like them. But have you looked at your own Facebook feed lately? How many of those people deserve to continue to have access to you and be attached to your energy…? Because every time they pop up, or you think about them, that’s exactly what’s happening. And what do you think it does to your vibration every time a post throws you into sadness or bad memories? I have the added bonus of being an open psychic, and some of you probably have a variation of awareness and sensitivity that’s similar. I can tell you long-distance or in-person instantly if someone has been talking negatively about me. As a child it was devastating and I had no idea why I was in so much psychic sadness, distress and pain all the time. People can be super mean and gossip negatively to make themselves feel better about themselves or more in control of their own lives. It took a very long time for me to realize the truth of my actual awareness of others.

So, now as an adult it’s my job to walk thru the sadness and find a path of protection for myself. I always wondered why I kept my circle of true friends so small as I got older. Now I get it. Psychic abuse is still abuse. If someone isn’t working at a mastery level in behavior, there is a good chance they won’t last in my world. And I’m not talking about people needing to be balanced or perfect all the time. I’m talking about when someone is frustrated in life and thinks that getting verbally shitty with me and then saying “oops, sorry, I was just in a bad mood because I’m dealing with things.” Nope. Absolutely not acceptable in my space. Ever. If they are adult enough to recognize what they did and apologize for treating me badly, then they need to be called on their behavior for what it is. An unacceptable negative pattern they are CHOOSING to inflict repeatedly on others.

Above all else, if you are a lightworker and sensitive you no doubt have a deep dedication to seeing the good in people and constantly wanting to assist and help them heal. But we are in a time on earth when it has never been more important to get it down to the finer details and realizations of where in your life you aren’t protecting your own heart and energy. If we don’t do that, then we won’t have any to share and become less of a clear channel for light. It’s important to remember that’s the real reason we are here. It breaks my heart to let people I like go, and need to completely cut them off. I cry when I have to do it to a stranger let alone someone I personally know and care about. And the shock that feels like abandonment and rejection makes the pain ever worse. Make no mistake, though. I may cry in private, but I’ve learned to be ruthless in my absolute dedication to end a relationship that is showing any signs that it’s toxic or negative or hurtful to me. Even long-time friendships with metaphysically-minded people are breaking under the stress these days. And I’m absolutely willing to be the one to end it. In truth, at the soul level, I am aware that my decision to do that with honesty and delivered without anger or accusation may be the last chance a soul has to witness what appropriate behavior looks like and have the soul-level chance to change out of their own negative behavior patterns in this lifetime. It’s best to recognize the situation for the gift and necessity that it is.