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An easy solution to shift your manifestations from negative to positive

If you feel you’re stuck in a never-ending loop of difficult life problems, Aleiya shares a quick and easy Universal Law key to shift it.

An easy solution to shift your manifestations from negative to positive

If you feel like you’re stuck in a loop of constantly manifesting things happening in your life that are negative or difficult, then I’m happy to share a solution brought to me in the last couple of months that is an amazing way to embrace the new planetary energies and shift your life and circumstances with very little effort.

As a metaphysical instructor with more than 25-years’ experience I am more than aware of how universal law and manifestation work. I teach it. Your thoughts plus words plus focused attention manifests your reality. It’s the vibration you put out, and like attracts like. The good news down here on the earth plane is that you can call your experiences into reality. And the more emotion you add to that focus, the faster it comes to you. The bad news comes with the same promise. If all you think about and focus on is the stuff you don’t like or don’t want in your life, then you draw even more of that to you as well. Add this science to everything speeding up energetically and vibrationally on the earth plane over the last 3-years, and it’s like getting hit with an avalanche. I’ve personally had weeks and entire months where I just couldn’t breathe, I was getting hit with so many difficult situations… (and blaming myself for a lack of mastery to fix any of it.)

Now, while I’ve come to understand there are lots of other factors at play such as soul contracts and decisions made before the incarnation to experience certain relationships, health issues and other not-so-fun challenges; I had kind-of reached a breaking point. Universal Law math suddenly just pissed me off and the concept of “just think happy thoughts” wasn’t going to work for me anymore.  So, in exhaustion I completely surrendered.  My normal high-speed mind and multi-dimensional capacity didn’t feel like a gift anymore. An affirmation I’d learned in the early days of metaphysical reading came to me and I just started to fill my mind with it constantly. I absolutely recognized that even though I was angry, gravity is still gravity and universal law was put in our toolbox for a reason. And I turned to it. Every time I had a free moment in my mind where I had been thinking fear thoughts, obsessing about a long-term problem that seemed insurmountable, replaying possible negative future scenarios, or feeling depressed; I recited that affirmation. Over and over and over again. And suddenly things started to change.

Well, of course they did. It’s the math of the universe.

“Today is a day of joyful completion, miracle shall follow miracle and joyful wonders will never cease.”

50-100 times a day. I don’t ask for specific items and demand they come to me packaged in a purple box.

Yep, it’s a 1990’s dorky affirmation filled with daisies and sunshine. But it has had astounding results. Electronics and computers in my house have reset and fixed themselves. I have been released from huge drama-filled obligations in relationships, the court system, employment, and other areas. My health has seen improvements. New solutions to old long-term problems have appeared and been easy to shift into and have all the resources I need to take advantage of them.

So, I share this incredibly easy tool as we step into 2020 and beyond. We’ve been overthinking things in the old way of using our minds and gifts and it’s time to dial our superpowers down to the most basic balance points we can find in our partnership with our guides, the earth and the universe.

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