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The Unraveling of Deceptions

Aleiya Hunter and her Guides discuss the origins of the lightworkers and truth to end a critical controlling deception.

The Unraveling of Deceptions

Lightworkers, metaphysical practitioners and healers, no matter their area of practice or focus, have gathered in groups and classrooms for the last 30-years. The deliberate intent being to learn and grow in the use of their abilities. Agreement and understanding that from a heart-centered perspective they wanted to be of service on the physical plane. As awareness grew, the more global and galactic knowledge filtered in that a great plan was in progress. Each in their own way could feel the importance as whispers grew of the raising of the consciousness on the planet. To bring higher consciousness into the human body and onto the earth plane. The guides spoke of “the great experiment” underway. Every small individual step contributed to the larger shifts. Waves of souls wanted to be here on the earth to experience this time period.

As global networking grew with technology; which actually began as early as the 1970’s; channels from nonphysical guides were shared and intuition built around the information that the earth as well as humanity would reach a turning point now. Enthusiasm pushed through fear programming. A great influx of light to the earth was agreed upon as necessary in the dimensions of source beyond the physical plane. At each transition point, incarnated lightworkers were given pieces of the puzzle and assignments. This will also be the end of karma on the earth plane in a three-generation window. The result culminating in both personal and ancestral energies to be brought to completion and cleared as well.

Some lightworkers understand fully their “warrior” energy, while others who feel softer as empaths may not relate with that terminology to describe themselves, even as they deal with the impacts in relationships, interactions and situations they face. But it should be clear to anyone in observance that it would take no less than a warrior of great strength to be here in this time period.

This brings us to the unraveling of a deception that is key to your next steps.

Light vs. darkness is a well-known theme. It is visible in society, practice and story-telling, and originates from an accuracy in the understanding of what is underway on the planet. It is energetic and lies beneath in the foundation, in the ethers, and underlying intent. For some sensitives it is difficult enough to see and acknowledge the battle playing out, and the thought of engaging with it is overwhelming. It’s shocking to watch when decisions and actions are taken by those around you that are not heart-centered.

In 2023 and beyond, it will begin to become clear how this battle is unfolding for control at a planetary and galactic level. But before this expansive declaration puts you on the path of negative thinking or fear, it is very necessary here at the beginning of 2023 to put a stop to a specific and deliberate lie the lightworkers have been told. It is also important that you understand the source of that deception so it breaks with finality the illusion that walks and breathes with you. To accomplish this, we will ask that you re-view the last three decades of lightworker classrooms from a different perspective.

If you were a General in the army of darkness and knew that a wave of light was coming to the planet along with hundreds of thousands of lightworkers; a part of your battle plan would be to attempt to weaken those light-filled, heart-centered warriors. These warriors would already be facing an experiment never before attempted in the raising of the vibration on the planet and within the human body. They would be taking on the completion of karma for themselves as well as others who came before them in their ancestral line. They would be agreeing to individual soul contracts to fulfill, and working to move trauma through their experiences and out of their bodies. Taking on DNA reprogramming and energetic upgrades would additionally be underway and attempted in new ways. Each and every lightworker in some form would be standing either knowingly or unknowingly on the battlefield as a potential hindrance to the dark Generals in keeping the patriarchal system of global control in place. They know that if the humans wake up in large enough awareness and perception, that dark control will be broken. And it is, in fact, scheduled to happen on the converging timelines.

Though you may not have experience in how a military strategy is built, you will be aware in some form or other of how psychological warfare works. You have seen it played out in movies, books and television. Or on an individual/personal level, in close relationships where a narcissist will use the weapons of fear, negativity and abuse to deconstruct any empowerment that might exist in another person. They do this to achieve their own goals of power over another. Or it could be for financial or other pleasurable gains. Regardless of their reason, it leads to what a military commander would categorize as PSYOPS. A deliberate operation and plan engaged in to psychologically degrade and weaken their opponents mentally and emotionally. And one of the best places to do this to the lightworkers, was to weave the dis-empowerment directly into their trusted classrooms all over the world. To plant an insidious lie that fits so seamlessly into every training module that it’s easy to believe and therefore becomes a belief. And that belief becomes a barrier in service to the darkness that wishes to halt the expansion of light and the work of lightworkers worldwide.

What is that lie?  It will be more than familiar to you.

You were told that the goal in every class you ever attended was to attempt to raise your vibration and frequency. That with a lot of practice and struggle you MIGHT one day achieve a higher vibration or some type of ascension. In other words, they were planting the belief that you are weak and the equivalent of a young child without abilities. That your vibration is low. This was stated to you in a way that made perfect sense and would reinforce the programs and fear implants long ago inserted in your DNA and human bodies that you have no power. This so-called “training” isn’t empowering nor is it accurate. It was a deliberate psychological attempt to hinder and stop you. To keep you in an endless false loop of struggling and training and attempting to survive and achieve elusive goals. But following those lines of thought, under universal law to manifestation, that will not bring a positive outcome. They knowingly embedded and fed you a false premise. It was part of the psychological operations plan to diminish as many lightworkers as possible. When they said to you “keep trying and maybe someday you’ll get it…” it was the equivalent to programming your subconscious to constantly repeat and reinforce the mantra, “you are not powerful, you are weak and without ability or knowledge.”  And that was then followed up in the classroom by saying “you have to believe in and reclaim your power.”

Really?  Based on what?  The fact that all of our lightworker training starts with and continues the declaration that we aren’t already powerful? And how easy it was to slip that insidious seed into the room as the foundation to everything. It made sense to our minds not only because of 10,000+ years of false programming, but also because it matched the accurate goal that we are all assisting in raising the overall consciousness on the planet.

So, now that we’ve shared this with you, here is the accurate truth of who you are….

You are an incredibly powerful being who is not struggling to achieve a heightened state. What you are doing is the exact opposite. You are standing in physical form and currently accomplishing the incredibly difficult task of taking your massive power and high vibration and successfully channeling it and maintaining it inside a human body that is traversing a dimension vibrating at a much lower frequency than your natural state. This is an incredible achievement. This is also the complete opposite of the belief system they tried to filter into the metaphysical classrooms to make you believe you are weak.

Read that last paragraph again.

Feel the relief of the truth vs. the lie you have been told, even in those well-meaning lightworker classrooms. You were NEVER the incapable lesser being in the room. You were never supposed to be trying to achieve a powerful ability or state. You are already that powerful being undertaking the massive task of trying to balance and maintain all of the high vibration power you actually are, and regulate it to function in the lower vibration third dimension inside a tiny human body. THAT is one of the baseline reasons you are so fatigued and sensitive and deal with health issues. And metaphysical training often additionally comes with the furtherance of this original deception to control you. Those lies include telling you that if you were doing it right and achieving a higher vibrational ability and state, then you wouldn’t be experiencing illness or exhaustion. How many times has this deliberately debilitating lie made you feel like a failure as you struggled to “get it right” …?  After many years of this subversive and invasive falsehood planted in plain sight in classrooms you trusted, why wouldn’t you believe it? How could you not lose hope? They are in essence patting you on the head telling you to keep struggling and running in circles to achieve and acquire something you already own.

So now as you stand in 2023, we give you back your truth.  Yes, each one of you is contributing to raising the consciousness on the planet to replace thousands of years of deliberate negative intent to control humanity.  But you are an incredibly powerful being, NOT a lesser student.  Open your creative, joy filled, enthusiastic gateways. Play with color and sound and nature and energy as it was meant to be, and is your birthright. Walk in the world feeling for the first time the reality of your light and power already achieved. Then very deliberately decide where to focus it and channel it and carefully balance it. The Generals of darkness are afraid of the achievement of your very existence in physical form. And now this lie they planted will no longer stand.

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