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Gateway Expansion & Guidance for World Events

The Dendera Gateway provides expanded options for connectivity, decision-making and keys to understanding world events.

Gateway Expansion & Guidance for World Events

One day in early March of 2020 I felt the “push” of knowingness from my internal guidance with an odd directive. I then used kinesiology to get a yes-or-no confirmation.  Whether it’s a guidance-impulse, sign, synchronicity, or any version of intuitive knowingness that appears in front of me; and regardless of whether it makes logical sense or not; I have long since learned to follow it after 27+ years of building trust and seeing the outcomes. In this instance as I did my household shopping I was “told” to go on Amazon and purchase nearly a closet full of toilet paper. I thought the outcome looked pretty funny as I stared into the closet 3-days later. I even took a photo to send to a friend... “Look! Apparently, I’m hording this week!”  We had a good laugh. A week later the international pandemic was announced and for the next few months it was nearly impossible to buy toilet paper anywhere, as panic buying issues ripped through the supply chain. No one was laughing at my supply closet anymore. And I thanked my guides for again providing protection.

Last week (March 9-10, 2023), Silicon Valley Bank crashed. Founded in 1983, SVB specialized in banking for tech startups. It provided financing for almost half of US venture-backed technology and health care companies. While relatively unknown outside of Silicon Valley, SVB was among the top 20 American commercial banks, with $209 billion in total assets at the end of last year, according to the FDIC. Silicon Valley Bank, facing a sudden bank run and capital crisis, collapsed Friday morning and was taken over by federal regulators.  It is the largest failure of a US bank since Washington Mutual in 2008.

Three months ago, my guidance “push” included a directive to take my personal and business money, and open new checking and savings accounts. This was to be spread over a total of (4) banks including three large depository institutions and one regional credit union. At three of these locations a series of account set-up errors and history put me in direct contact with very accommodating bank managers. I was told by my guides that this will give me personalized service as needed over the next years, and less stress when issues arise with banking and financial systems. None of my funds were connected with Silicon Valley bank, but the bottom line directive was that all of my money should not be sitting in only one bank. Today as I write this, (or even if you are reading this in the future), you will be aware that there is a scramble underway to stop a panic rush of people withdrawing money from their accounts at other banks around the country in a bank run across the industry that would close banks and crash the financial system.

I provide this behind-the-scenes view of how I work with and listen to my guide team because as we continue along the path of 2023 and beyond, there will be more of this. For global systems and practices to be changed, we have reached a point where destabilization may occur. This is not said in any way to bring up fear, but instead we are going to assist here and provide solutions.

Beginning now, the Dendera Gateway will be expanding. I and my Guide team will provide translation of the news and global events when appropriate. I will also be sharing any ahead-of-the-curve personal guidance I receive and take action on in my private world. My guide team and protection historically tend to give me guidance anywhere from 2-weeks to 6-months in advance.  This gives me time to consider things and make changes for myself. As we provide this information it will give you the option to run it through your own internal guidance to see if any of it applies to you on your personal path and what changes you might need to consider making in your own world.

To that end, you will also find a new Resource Guide page on the Dendera gateway website.  It initially provides you with instructions to build your trust in and use quick-and-easy kinesiology with your hands to connect with your higher self for decision-making.  Everyone can do this and it is incredibly effective for getting a yes-or-no answer as to whether you should participate in or do something you are considering.

The second thing that is provided for you right now on the new resource guide page is The Decision-making Outcome Worksheet. This allows you to better understand the factors that apply energetically to the outcome of any decision you make. I created this years ago for my students so that they could have a practical application tool, and understand in their daily lives the way Universal Law works.

Things across the planet are moving quickly and the Dendera Gateway will now shift the majority of what we provide here to a subscription-based community. In large part, because of the details I am being asked to provide, this is an important step to my well-being to have a more dedicated group to work with.

Just a few of the additional subjects that we are going to discuss, so that you have additional support during upcoming global transitions and situations includes:

· Translation of the news/global events so you can view them from an expanded perspective.

· Astrology/energy forecasts and how the impacts may be having an effect.

· Understanding and preparation for what is happening on the world stage as disclosure of galactic interaction with the extra-terrestrial races is building to become public.

· Art Impressions holding supportive energetic keys to assist you in balancing and expansion.

If you are interested in taking this journey with us, simply click on the “Subscribe” button on the Dendera Gateway to expand your connectivity to the next level.

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