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Knowledge of Global Power Dynamics will be a Path to Empowerment

The next evolutionary steps to individual empowerment and decision-making will come through an understanding of true global and intergalactic interactions on the planet.

Knowledge of Global Power Dynamics will be a Path to Empowerment

Most have heard of the saying “Knowledge is Power,” and that has never been a more important concept than it is now to understanding the dynamics and reality of what is going on here on the planet.  An array of human reactions crosses the globe among the educated and at least semi-educated populations. Negative training, conditioning, control of resources and information keeps many in a cycle of fear and belief in lack. Input from media, government, scientific “experts” and the educational system reemphasizes these false foundation beliefs and flows thru every information channel. Even those who genuinely reach for accurate information find themselves in a circular and repeating pattern of disempowerment and exhaustion.

But with the energies that have been surging in and now continue to amplify, the information to understand the actual power you have as a being connected to universal consciousness will break thru. And this ever-present connection is absolutely available to you in every moment. The key is to move past the fear by allowing the accurate information about the systems set up on the planet to come to you, realize it, and let it be a launching board past the chaos. This is the ultimate truth about knowledge and the power it gives you access to.

Asking you to focus at any given moment on the global dynamics and control being exerted by individuals and beings in positions of power on the planet is an exhausting prospect when viewed from the place of disempowerment you were trained and manipulated into. You have seen people demonstrating in the streets asking the same question…. why don’t our government agencies and officials do something to protect citizens as is their elected job to do?  It’s obvious to most that the short answer is financial greed, and that would not be incorrect, though it does go much farther beyond that. The key to remember is that at the top of the pyramid of control and power on this planet is the ultimate truth that changes it all in a heartbeat. That individually, and through how universal law and energy works, each person is actually in control of what manifests on the physical plane right in front of them in their lives.  Thought creates. Period. No matter what other aspects of group dynamics and mass consciousness are going on around you, it is still in your control to change the physical manifestations around you by the thoughts you apply to it. THIS is every human’s ability and the greatest secret on the planet. This is what those who employ control and structures and disinformation are fighting with their last breath to keep from you. Because once you get this truth, own it, and begin to apply it with light to shift the very fabric of the physical plane around you in the circumstances of your life, the darkness loses its grip on the power it has had over you and others.

These concepts over the last 25-years have come to be available through metaphysical teachers who now find they are much more welcomed in human society. Bookstores carry their books and this knowledge into the main stream in many parts of the world. The internet gives free access to a wealth of information on these subjects, despite the determination of those in power to stop it. Their determination to control the masses comes not only through the propagation of misinformation that many buy into, but every other avenue of human interaction and system you can think of. Because if they can keep you trapped in illness of the body, distract you with fear-based news media, exhaust you into thinking the system of job and financial debt servitude is a cycle you can’t get out of and “just the way society works,” then you will be too debilitated to find balance and wellness which leads to the flow of high vibrational support, knowledge and solutions. Paying attention to your diet by removing preservatives and sugar; muting the fear-based commercials and realizing the disempowerment in the violence of “entertainment”; taking the time for real rest and body-mind-spirit balancing. These aren’t just small elements anymore. The energetic frequency changes and impacts and literal crimes against humanity that are being brought into the light are revealing for you that there truly is a higher frequency available to you now. Faster manifestation is possible and a release from old patterns and systems is an option at every turn if you reach out and take it.

So, as you traverse the planet on any given day and the information we intend to share with you here, we encourage you to gently recognize and shift your awareness and perceptions away from any fear-based elements and toward the message of importance. A realization that if you know the truth, added to the solutions we and others provide for empowerment beyond fear, you will find yourself standing in a more joyful, peaceful, protected life. You will have access to your own inherent gift of universal connectivity and intuition in every moment that will guide you so clearly no matter the impacts and situations going on around you. You will come out on the other side of it, if you are brave enough to shift your perception to a higher viewpoint and then apply those truths and connectivity.