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Introduction to the Visible Preparations for Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Introduction to the Visible Preparations for Extraterrestrial Disclosure

The earth is revealing her secrets...

The bones of a “hobbit” (scientifically named Homo Floresiensis) have been found in Indonesia. 

Governments are having Congressional hearings that feature former military pilots describing UFO encounters, complete with video evidence.

Multiple hearings in Mexico have featured the mummies of extraterrestrial bodies said to have been found in Peru.

We are in an accelerated period of humans being acclimated to the expansive history on earth that is much more than they were previously told.

A segment of the Dendera Gateway’s Unraveling of Deceptions Series that provides information to assist you in Recognizing the Visible Preparations for Extraterrestrial Disclosure, is now available to the public including the associated articles and videos.

The reason for this change is timing.  We are very quickly approaching a series of events that will bring humanity and those on earth back to a realization of our galactic origin, history, and current connectivity.

As with any disclosure or subject, there will always be a mix of accurate information and claims from those who are looking for self-aggrandizement. The point of sharing this very detailed collection of information here now is to make you better aware of the history, control mechanisms and organizations that have built the deceptions, as well as the escalation in public broadcast and awareness. When followed, it not only reveals the loss of control by groups who have long kept extraterrestrial contact and collaboration hidden; but additionally gives the public an acclimation period to unravel fear programming.

For those of us who are metaphysical practitioners, healers, intuitives, and sensitives in any area of ability or connectivity; these next few years will be a critical window where we will have to lead the public through shocking events on the path of global changes. We came specifically into this 3-generation lifetime window to do this, and my Guide team and I have created the Dendera Gateway to be an ongoing resource for awareness, support, and solutions. We translate information carefully from a heart-centered yet fact-based perspective, and with the intent to assist you in balancing mentally, emotionally, and physically as things progress.

Recognizing the Visible Preparations for Extraterrestrial Disclosure
Tracking the progress of imminent disclosure of the extraterrestrial races on earth.