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Matching Vision with Action

Aleiya and her Guides provide a discussion on the action elements needed now and in the years to come, to access higher vision and bring it to practical reality.

Matching Vision with Action

There’s a saying in race car driving that the drivers live their lives “a quarter mile at a time.”  They work at extremely high speeds with a focus only on that segment and what it requires of them. They must make decisions in an instant, even as they pick their path and trajectory to flow with what’s happening on the track around them.  It’s not for the faint of heart.

This is a matching analogy to where we find ourselves standing today on this timeline, on this planet, in this form.  Everything has been brought into this moment at high speed.  You can’t slow the energies down or ignore the decision-making. The goal now is to note what is not optional and flow second-by-second. We used to casually suggest that you take time to care for your own well-being amidst your chores, family, mission, and to-do list.  Now we can tell you that if you don’t flip the scenario and make self-care the high priority mission, then you are missing the key to what the mission actually is and how it can be achieved.  Light workers, as they are frequently termed, are categorized in spaces of interaction that they feel defines them.  That can take the form of a segment of work that supports another group of individuals such as healthcare or social workers.  It may be a service industry light-bright who walks in public to interact in unobtrusive ways but is no less present for bringing that light into an environment.  And there are others who pick up the direct fight, while a polar opposite group stay in their protected private bubbles.  It is about all of these that we come to speak today and we will break that down for you a bit so you can view the elements that apply in each area.

In order to be effective in your given “mission” …and we use that terminology for any and all work you may be doing on the earth plane at this time…we can tell you that the primary key now is absolute unwavering attention to your personal well-being and self-care.  Though there are debates going on visibly in many of the societal structures, the higher arching element to be aware of is the war to remove your freedom.  Freedom of choice, freedom of movement, freedom of expansion into higher more heart-centered solutions for humanity.  And why do we put this critical fact in the middle of a pointed discussion about self-care? Because the fight is upon you and the highest vibration in the room wins.  Let us speak of that in another way…

An individual who is centered and connected to their higher self/soul/the universe can not be controlled.  They are not focusing their energy on the lower vibrational structures implemented in current governments, corporation, judicial systems, financial systems, educational systems, the media, the entertainment industry or any other fear-based arena.  When you are not focused in fear or anger or allowance of system platforms that hurt or control others, then those platforms loose power.  Walking in balanced energy that holds as much peace, love, truth and joy as possible for as many moments of the day as you can has a momentous impact on all of humanity.  No, you don’t even have to leave your house to have a global positive effect.  Stop here and take a moment to consider that, and you will see that your critical mission has flipped.

Slamming yourself on auto-pilot through the day in exhaustion isn’t going to be of assistance to anyone. Many of you who came here in this lifetime did so with great enthusiasm. You knew it was a big mission. You knew it was global. You knew it would be a fight. And when the feelings of overwhelm become oppressive, we know it is within your own awareness that you MUST come to a full stop. Even if it is only for 10 minutes to walk away and breathe. Because there will be a way to reconfigure your old patterns and work environments to do this. No work situation or interaction rules you. Push back. Step out. 10-minutes to breathe and unplug and reconsider. Give the warrior in you the lead. Trust your protection. Speak up, balanced with moments when your silence may speak as loudly as your intent.

Your discomfort leads you to deeper knowingness that things are going on that you can’t see in the structures of society around you that are inherently of negative intent. We acknowledge sadness as the flow required of you includes situations you hadn’t imagined would need to be dealt with at this time. Whether it is a question of decision-making for health, money, living situation and location, children, and beyond; remember that in-the-moment flow is another key.  You may get up in the morning with a plan, schedule and to-do list. And make no mistake, applying systematic organization and focus will give you stability. But within that hour or day, we bring you down to even smaller increments. Because your guidance is listening to the unseen and unheard beyond your ears, and if you are centered, you will hear it. This is not a new concept. It is however, now at the top of the survival and wellness list every hour of the day. Which brings us to the topic of how, you may wonder, planning and manifestation factor into this change in the application of your decision-making, focus and attention.

If you diligently made a dream board at the turn of any time cycle in the last year and a half with the intent to manifest joyful goals and things in your life, you may have felt more than a bit dis-empowered by world events as pandemic or government restrictions and impacts exploded around you. So, we will tell you, now that the initial fear impacts have been experienced and processed a bit. It’s time to re-create your immediate environment. It begins with your awareness of self-care considerations we just discussed with you. Changes to flipping your mission methodology will go a long way to clearing your vision. Which gives you the next key. Bringing your “vision” into the moment. Your dream board and wish list hasn’t been ended. You are just being asked to upgrade your actions and aim into more gracious flow. And recognizing the chaos on all of the multi-dimensional planes can be self-empowering. You can manage a day or an hour. You can focus your words on deliberate manifestation of peace and support being flown in to your physical, mental and emotional world. In. The. Moment.  If you are not peaceful, reconfigure your day or hour and TAKE it. If you truly understood the global positive impact you will have as you do this, you would be amazed and excited.  It is not selfish.  That’s the control-based programming humans are trained into.  On the contrary, you are nothing short of a superhero and warrior when you re-balance yourself in the expansive realization of your true sovereignty. And while you will experience the dips and rolling impacts across the earth plane and dimensions; you always have the choice to take a break, rest, and then return when you are ready.

So, to each of you we point out to return to your immediate environment and consider what you can build that would focus you on joy.  Reading positive stories, cooking, gardening, artistic projects, organizational projects are all supportive to holding the line against anything wishing to convince you that your freedom is not your own. Every one of those plugs you into higher vibrational energies and impacts humanity across the globe.  And if you are a direct-action warrior in some way on projects that stand up to systems that are not heart-centered, we encourage you to consider what new applications of your experience, connections and creativity you can use to build a new solution or path in service. Recognize that a waiting period may be necessary to retreat and build things on paper while you wait until the timing is right. Vision will change with circumstances and opportunity. The decisions being made by individuals around the planet in reaction to world events and their choice of interactions will have direct effect on how and when the best time and way will be to take action. And this brings us back to the analogy of the race car driver.

You can choose to be ready and open to the expansive light and support and creativity flowing into the earth plane now.  It is accessible to you when you have taken the absolute mission change to your well being as a priority and made it your daily experience.  From that point you will know when to “change lanes at high speed” no matter the experiences or choices of others.