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Dealing with Health Issues & the new Environmental Realities

Aleiya Hunter provides expanded solutions for dealing with health issues, and understanding the new environmental realities on the planet.

Dealing with Health Issues & the new Environmental Realities

As we are now in the midst of an experiment to raise the vibration of both the planet and the capacity of the human form to encompass an expansion of consciousness, there are a combination of stressors resulting in the manifestation of increasing health issues among both the general public as well as sensitive lightworkers. Methodologies for diet, exercise and interacting with the systems of nature on the planet must all now be reevaluated for the new reality. Toxins and pollution in air, water and food; groups in power with negative intent claiming ownership of seed and food production to expand GMO distribution; our physical, mental and emotional bodies under extreme daily stress as we deal with the impact of more light intended to convert out the denser energies.

As a lightworker you could fall anywhere on the scale of attention and implementation in addressing daily issues for health and well-being. You may be one who pays particular attention to taking care of themselves thru body movement and diet and addressing negative patterns to move dense energies out of your system so they don’t cascade and amplify into larger problems. Other levels include a variety of status quo approaches.  You may meditate on occasion for the high, or to rebalance only when there is a particularly painful problem in your life causing a disturbance. Many find that a change of diet to eliminate the fun foods like wheat for breads, sugar and dairy wouldn’t be mentally pleasant nor convenient for a busy life. So why do it when your body doesn’t seem to be having an issue with it on the surface, right? And in other extremes, people in pain emotionally or mentally cling to detrimental habits like overeating and binging on desserts or caffeine while ignoring even the straight-line cause-and-effect of overweight traumas such as falls, broken bones, anxiety, and “minor” health issues.

None of this is brought up to give a big pitch about diet changes that we’ve all heard before. This is a whole new set of energetic factors and planetary shifts that over the next three years will require a definite new level of behavior patterns and choices for balancing and maintaining the physical body. There are many sensitives who are shocked to find that drastic health issues have been hitting them over the last three years and they are logically all asking the same question…” How am I supposed to assist humanity, the animals, and the planet if I’m this debilitated?” As a sensitive-intuitive I’ve been dealing with this and working with the Guides to understand, realize solutions and balance; and will provide in this discussion some starting-point guidance, specific solutions, and a view of global and environmental impacts that now need to be dealt with in daily life for physical well-being.

It all starts and ends with the energetics

I’m going to start with the biggest key, which is entirely woo-woo. Don’t worry though, we are going to expand into very detailed daily-life solutions for health and well-being as well. But let’s start with the absolute. There is nothing that will balance you faster or get you to a point of solving a health issue better than deep, quiet, dedicated and deliberate moments of connection to the high vibration silence of source. Yep, this is the slow-yourself-down-sit-and-be-quiet thing. Sit in a chair, remove all interruptions from the room, breath, relax, put forth the intent to connect to high vibrational source, and imagine what true “silence” would sound like. You will most certainly slip back to mind chatter along the way. But you’re an adult capable of deciding what you want to focus on. So, redirect your attention over and over again on the silence and relaxation and power of source. And give yourself a solid 30-minutes to cycle back and forth through release and mind games. I don’t get out of the chair until I feel it “click” and an altered-state higher vibration brings me to moments of incredible peace and release.

As a multi-dimensional psychic/intuitive, I can tell you that there is unimaginable new power available to you now in the amplification of light blasting onto the planet to assist us. I have heard guides from other teams as well as my own repeatedly say over the last 2-years that this is huge “medicine” to rebalance, align and transition us to a higher vibration in ways that our minds absolutely can’t do on their own. This is also the time when the pain will be greater on those refusing to shift, and they will be seeking solutions in desperation. Anyone who comes to me and whines that “their life is too busy and they just don’t have time” to stop and find moments of true self-care and rest, is nothing short of ridiculous. That being said, I absolutely wait for right timing and guidance as to when to sit and meditate. It’s not automatic on a daily schedule anymore, because protection from other elements can be at play on any given day. I may be too exhausted and too metaphysically mission-focused. This can lead to me honestly needing a full-stop distraction and exit that reading a fantasy romance novel can give me mentally and emotionally instead. It can also be because I have too much pain in my body and I won’t be capable of amplifying anything in a meditative state except the focus on even more pain creation. Then there are the environmental and relationship factors. I was told a couple of years ago to absolutely NOT do an altered state meditation during the full solar eclipse that cut a path of darkness across the United States. And in many a weekly episode, as I work directly with people and groups on projects, a given time period on a day will find that I’m needed and shouldn’t turn off my phone.

All of that being considered, none of it is an excuse I use not to ‘sit.’ It is a choice to have both connection to daily reality and interactions, as well as to my higher self and guidance to participate in right timing to allow alignment. This practice will now expand your higher connectivity exponentially thanks to the thinning of the multi-dimensional veils. It will assist you in finding solutions and clarity that are personal to your earth-walk. This is one of the great gifts of 2020 and beyond.

It’s time to consciously and deliberately set up your environment ~

Pay attention to the information now being provided to you through every media channel, and you will be well aware of the increase in the toxicity on the planet and its ramifications on the health of the human body. The majority of my life I’ve had the repetitive ‘push’ and visions that a time would come when preparation and attention in our personal worlds and community would be critical, and that moment is now. We are on the front curve, so research and implementation of safety measures inside our homes is now wise. This is not shared from a fear-basis. It’s just science.

My guidance led me to purchase a house that was in a more protected location and newly-built so it didn’t have the negative residue from previous owners. From that point, I was told to go up in the attic and set the air circulation system to “interior-only” so that there was no outside air flow being brought into the house. If I want outside air I can always open a window, but I’ve noticed that rarely happens. I purchased a high-functioning “Rabbit” portable air purifier to use on a regular monthly basis to clean the air in the house. Instead of using cheap air filters in the air circulation system of the main house, I purchase the better ones and change it every three months instead of every six months. The water filters on the refrigerator drinking water get changed every 2-months instead of every 6-months. And this is the water I also use in the winter in the humidifiers. For the house itself, I had a very expensive whole-home automatic natural gas generator installed and like other equipment, it gets full maintenance annually with weekly testing. This generator is strong enough to run absolutely every system in the house at the same time, providing me with a totally sustained environment when the power goes out. I have a month’s supply of water stocked in containers in the pantry, and a gas fireplace as a back-up to any issues that might arise with the furnace so I won’t be without heat in an emergency.

All of this wasn’t done as an alarmist in fear or some kind of extreme disaster-prepper scenario. I follow guidance. The waterways and drinking water on the planet are getting more polluted. I live in a very over-populated suburban neighborhood and area, and have dealt with entire weeks of being snowed in due to government failure to do something as simple as snow plow neighborhoods properly. I’ve experienced extended power outages during blizzards and even during basic wind and rain storms due to failing and fragile electrical grid systems. So when none of my neighbors have heat or lights, I have no issues. I also put air-conditioning in the house and my closed air circulation system means I was completely sustained and comfortable last summer for an entire week of unbreathable air due to forest fire smoke. My neighbors dealt with high heat and no way to safely open windows, but I was 100% stable, cool and protected.

I start with the personal environment in this discussion because with the earth changes there is a definite impact on health. Are you paying attention to the signs and getting quiet enough on a regular basis to hear your internal guidance? Are you burying your head in the sand or are you actually listening and initiating changes to better support yourself? Are you prepared to “shelter in place” during a short or large-scale natural or society event? It’s a big part of our goal and job as lightworkers to stay as stable, balanced, centered and connected as a channel for light as possible. We are invaluable “connectors” on the planetary grid. We are part of a huge team of inter-galactic and terrestrial beings dedicated to positive upliftment for humanity and the planet. This isn’t a time to ignore the easy stuff like taking the time to change the drinking water filter more frequently or setting up a protected environment for yourself and family. You will be assisted in every way when you reach for solutions. And you have the choice whether to become embroiled in the victimhood of chaos and disaster, or take deliberate steps to love yourself enough to attend to your own needs.

This brings us to an important point about sharing positive solutions and preparation recommendations, but making the humans responsible for themselves. Many of us have learned a debilitating cycle of trying to constantly help everyone in every instance when it’s within our power. This won’t just make you tired now; it will destroy your health. Realizing that your own well-being is also what will best support humanity and the planet is critical at this point. As an example, I didn’t put a generator on my house so I could take in all of my 400+ neighbors during an emergency. And this isn’t me being selfish. I put all of the advanced preparation instructions, recommendations, solutions and suppliers up on the internal neighborhood website & Facebook page so they all had access. But when the first natural disaster hit and everyone had ignored the guidance, and one even texted me in a panic, I let he and is family sit in the dark and the cold for the night. I psychically knew they weren’t in danger and needed the lesson about being lazy and narcissistic in trying to use me and others while ignoring my preparation information and constant kindness. They self-centeredly didn’t bother to do the simplest thing on the list I gave them that involved removing four batteries from under the gas fireplace emergency switch. Instead, the husband ignored it and then had corroded batteries and no heat during a blizzard.

We will be dealing with more and more of this as time progresses. The question will be, how well you prepared your personal environment through direct guidance. How dedicated have you been to simple balancing tools and techniques and leaving behind your addictions to chaos, needing to always be needed, and a multitude of other negative behavior patterns? Dealing with relationships and our relatives has just been a warm-up exercise in a controlled and fairly safe environment. You get to choose how completely you stand in your power and disallow bad behaviors in your space. You get to decide if you are preparing yourself and home to minimize chaos and set up new healthy boundaries for how you will be used and interacted with. And this brings us to the subject of food and dealing directly with illness in the body.

Food and illness and medicine ~

Whether you’re experiencing constant fatigue, have no giant health problems, or are dealing with a serious health issue; there are a few things that are a part of the current reality. #1-Your liver is struggling to keep up with filtering the environmental, chemical and food-based toxins you are encountering every day. #2 - 80% of humans have some version of the Epstein Barr virus in their body and organs. And #3 - Wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, GMO corn, and cane sugar are now toxic to the human body. While you might be eating these things without a visible allergic reaction, remember that the human body is now being shifted and reformed while at the same time being inundated with toxins. I’m not going to try to regurgitate the exact and critically important information regarding the history and current EB virus and food details. But if you truly want the answers about the status of the planetary food system; issues and information about your body functioning on both physical and energetic levels; and solutions for serious problems and balancing; then you need to read at least the first book in the “Medical Medium” Series by Anthony William, as well as his last book entitled “Liver Rescue.”

Identified, as well as yet scientifically unidentified viruses and strep in the body are the baseline causes of an incredible number of seeming unrelated health issues. Remember that knowledge is power and conscious attention and deliberate seeking of answers brings solutions. And besides the ability of the current healthcare system to handle fully grounded trauma medicine for acute and definite issues, they are not where I was led to find the critical answers we all now need. But the ah-ha moments and medical correlations you will find in the Medical Medium guidance will connect you with great personal realizations. Wheat, dairy, soy, GMO corn, eggs, cane sugar and all chemicals and preservatives are things I have had to 100% remove from my diet. Not a fun exercise physically, mentally or emotionally. But dairy wasn’t created for human consumption, it’s for baby cows and creates mucus throughout the body. Wheat used to be a clean food source a few hundred years ago before it was structurally corrupted for mass production. Eggs are scientifically used in laboratories as a growth medium for viruses and influenza…so what do you think they do in your body? And we shouldn’t have to explain the multitude of detrimental effects of cane sugar.

One of the things you will notice is not on the banned food list above, is meat. And just to clarify…there is no one on the planet more upset or disturbed by the harming of animals or eating meat than I am. But as it was explained to me and I discovered; my physical body was born into and raised eating meat and at a variety of levels currently requires it. When I tried to go totally vegan, I became severely anemic and weakened. I have been told that it’s possible to start an energetic intention that leads to eventually being able to no longer eat meat. But for right now, I have no choice but to eat small amounts of turkey and occasional beef though I am careful to select only those that have not been raised on antibiotics, are grass fed, etc.

Meat is a good example, along with substantial diet changes that are becoming more necessary than ever, to having the discussion about individual needs. I chose to make huge changes in the last three years. In truth, I knew if I wanted to continue to participate in the evolutionary leap now being offered to us and stay alive and functional, I didn’t have a choice. Sure, you can close yourself off somewhere sitting on a couch eating junk food in quantity from Walmart. But if you’re reading this, you are probably a bit mission-focused as a lightworker and that decision is not going to go well for you. You’ll experience a soul-induced medical emergency or natural disaster that forces you to leave that couch. Regardless of the level of changes you take on and realize are important to you, remember that your body is still truly unique. Not every supplement or remedy, whether it’s healthy or not, will be appropriate for you. You need to listen to your guidance and your body, but don’t live in denial of the facts. Support yourself mentally and emotionally by taking the process one step, one day at a time. You can’t change every single thing all at once. Although I came close to doing it that way out of necessity. And the longer you wait, the more toxic your body systems will become.

Supplements, medicine and how to find accurate, personal solutions

There are many supplements out there that can assist, but it’s an overwhelming and sometimes confusing process to select what’s right for you. This brings us to our next two important recommendations and solutions. #1 – Learn and use kinesiology… now. #2 – Don’t label any remedy as negative just because it’s not natural.

I used a huge array of supplements to work to remove toxins and the Epstein Barr virus from my organs and body for nearly two years. It was debilitating, but I believe necessary. And now I’m even more sensitive and can only tolerate vitamin C. That being said, I didn’t fare any better with a doctor of naturopathic medicine than I did with a medical doctor for figuring things out. It is absolutely wonderful the array of naturopathic, herbal and alternative medicines now available, and you should absolutely follow your own guidance on what is needed for you at any point. Any one of those may be the perfect support system for you. But I fired my naturopathic doctor who was money-driven to sell specific supplements that also had toxins in them. And he refused to listen that I knew that I had all the symptoms of severe Epstein Barr. It took 3-months to get him past his standard “everything can be fixed with fasting and supplements” routine to order me the EB blood test I needed to prove I was right and get started on an actual treatment plan. It was a good exercise though, because I saw the medical treatment plan was in alignment with the spirit-directed guidance in the books.

This is why learning kinesiology is literally a life-and-death situation. Your energetic system is 100% plugged in to the direct guidance of your higher self. And no matter what idea or treatment is offered to you, it should be thru kinesiology that you get a yes-or-no answer as to whether it’s right for you in that moment.

Click Here to download the instructions for easy-connect kinesiology.

This connectivity will help you figure out dosage amounts; decide if you should relocate to a different part of the country; know if it’s safe to leave your house and go somewhere on any given day; and so much more. Some people are plugged in to their guidance in another psychic way, and that’s great too. But now is the time to fine-tune and make that guidance your partner every day for both small and large decisions as you traverse the earth plane. If you don’t practice now while you are NOT in the middle of a huge trauma or crisis, you can’t expect to have the connectivity in a way that’s accurate when you’re upset or emotional or frightened.

Dealing with pharmaceuticals and pain medication became a big question and issue for me as well. And I have to tell you that as with eating meat, I really struggled. While I was diligently changing out my hand lotion, laundry detergent, dishwasher soap, and every product in the house to eliminate the toxic chemicals being absorbed through my skin and contributing to debilitating my liver, I couldn’t imagine how putting a pharmaceutical drug in my body was ok. My body rejects all drugs with the exception of standard 200mg Motrin for pain, and I had no choice but to surrender to the exercise of taking it. I can’t even take homeopathic remedies anymore. I quickly learned that trying to stand in long-term pain is also an incredibly debilitating crisis for the body, mind and emotions. I also had no choice but to take an antibiotic for a severe infection at one-point last year. But as usual as a sensitive, I had to refuse the doctor protocol of high dose for 10-days. That would have killed me. I could only withstand it for 3-days at half the dose, and that was enough to remove the infection from my body.

As the Guides have pointed out on more than one occasion…sometimes it takes a man-made drug or process to cure and work through a man-made illness. And so, accepting the healing gift per guidance and paying attention to your body’s reactions, is the key to accepting a solution without judgement. I stood last month in tremendous pain from a ridiculous over sensitivity in a tooth and gum area that has had trauma as well in the last 12-months. I had been so proud of myself for changing out my toothpaste to be free of fluoride only to find out I needed to quickly add it back in to survive catastrophic gum pain and dentin exposure at the roots of my teeth. It was another good example of needing to use the tools available to re-balance a health crisis. And on the other side, I’m taking the Motrin whether I want to or not for pain every six hours; eating only mushy foods; and absolutely sitting and practicing the important connection meditation to silence and source that is far more capable to shift and deploy energetic healing in my body than I can on my own. It also occurred to me through the extreme pain for four weeks that I had another choice. I was completely in control of whether my thought and focus in any given moment was on fear and negativity or not. So back to putting on my mastery hat and replacing those thoughts with an affirmation…”I am now completely comfortable in my physical body at every level.”

Choosing your involvements, participation and self-support with greater care

As a warrior who is even now working on global level projects while managing health issues, I’m doing things I’ve never done before. I’m paying the extra $10 each time to have my groceries delivered instead of exposing myself to humans, toxins and bad weather for hours each week that it would take to drive and haul and shop. While connection with nature can be healing, I know it’s not safe to expose my body to the algae and organisms in most lakes and other bodies of water on the planet right now. While I enjoyed the protected greenhouse gardening in Alaska, I know not to interact with the land in the area where I live because the toxicity is too high. Our lives are now an exercise in paying better attention and making smarter decisions to protect our health and well-being. I don’t ignore information sources like the news and documentaries because by declaring them all to be “too negative” because we need to know what’s going on here on the planet in order to participate in personal decision-making.

And above all else, I know that flare-ups and imbalances in my health can also be tied to my level of mental and emotional upset, fear, worry and exhaustion. So, I constantly release projects and people at various levels (sometimes in a high-speed environment), and stop them from having access to me if they are exhibiting bad behaviors. I traded loud, violent, fear-based movies and television programming for selective fiction books and reading that is quieter and has far less negative impact on my central nervous system. I’m also careful to select the ones that are filled with hand-picked story-lines that comfort me at multiple levels.

Mind-body-emotion and the partnership with energy is a very conscious decision-making system and framework. The solutions and knowledge you are being provided with will require you make some changes and pay attention to what is going on both in your immediate environment as well as at the global level, but you can do it. Beyond it all is the key that consciousness is creator. You may have come in as I did with the intent to deal with past lifetime trauma grounding, or a virus in your blood passed along genetically; but you are still in a position to make sweeping advances through each level you face. And you won’t be doing it alone.

More than anything, you are being called upon now to live so fully in the moment that you are willing to instantly stop what you are doing and apply immediate self-care when needed.

Where one tool used to be the perfect solution, you may now need something different. You can’t go days and weeks without coming to a full stop and resting. Some days, you won’t be able to go even a few hours without halting, recognizing you are struggling, and asking “What does my body, mind and spirit need from me right now.”