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The Surfacing of a Medical Truth

COVID, the Epstein Barr virus and a matching scientific admission

The Surfacing of a Medical Truth

There are so many things that are hidden from humans for reasons of control.

Control over our bodies, planetary resources, money, and more.  But that is changing with the amplification of light in every area.  As we watch for the larger reveals, there is now one of great importance for your personal health.

An admission from the Scientific Community – is a match to the Medical Medium channeled information

If you haven’t read the Medical Medium books, now is the time. They are all channeled information for advanced understanding of healing and disease that is occurring today in the human body. You don’t have to be specifically sick to need to read this now. And you don’t have to read them all. I recommend the first one – Medical Medium; and Liver Rescue which came near the end of the series and summarizes key facts including a focus on how the liver is at the center of clearing the body, healing, and taking the impacts. In the first book there is an incredibly important history of healthcare, the use and current effect of pesticides from decades ago, the misdiagnosis and mistreatment of women, and much more.

The most important through-line in this channeled series by Anthony William, is that everyone needs to know what the Epstein Barr virus is. It’s in 95%+ of humans on the planet and is the detrimental cause of nearly every type of major illness and disease. If that sounds like an overstatement, you’ll understand when you read the book. All of this proved to be true for me and a simple 3-panel blood test confirmed it. And the mainstream medical community denies all of it. But that is finally changing.

The reason I’m bringing this back up today, is because for the first time there are studies surfacing and being acknowledged by multiple government health organizations admitting to the existence of the Epstein Barr virus hiding in the cells and organs of the general public. How was this revealed?

In prime-time science news…

The admission is that long COVID is the awakening/reactivation of the Epstein Barr virus in the body. In other words, it’s a revealing that they KNOW that Epstein Barr is in our blood. Which is not something mainstream or endorsed by the medical community as any sort of causation to other illnesses. They also stated that people have long COVID at times, even when they didn’t have COVID. And here’s the link to pay attention to…. long COVID symptoms and Epstein Barr symptoms are an exact match as outlined and defined in the medical medium channeled books.

So, if COVID exposure sets off the Epstein Barr virus, take a moment to additionally consider what happens when someone takes a COVID vaccine, and how this is likely also a trigger in people with high levels of un-diagnosed/unrealized Epstein Barr in their blood. 

Let me say this again so that the importance is translating…this is admission that long COVID is COVID exposure awakening the Epstein Barr virus… with or without having gotten COVID. And the symptoms are a match to what is outlined in the medical medium books. These books also take you on a path to treatment of the CAUSE rather than just the symptoms of many illnesses that you will see traced back to EBV.

There has never been a more important time for you to bring this information into your awareness. Here is the link to the Medical Medium Book - which is the first in the series that holds the foundation information.

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