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Discussions with the Guides - the Portals of Creation

Discussions with the Guides - the Portals of Creation

Keeping in mind that being in a human body on earth at this time is to participate in a scientific and metaphysical experiment that has never been attempted, it makes sense that your training and tools might need to either be used in a different way or worked with from a different viewpoint. You will hear that amidst the chaos it’s your job to find joy and peaceful plateaus to rest on. And that in turn radiates out that energy into the world. Self-care becomes a true service to all that is. And it can’t be done backwards now. You can’t say that you are waiting for the world to produce that happiness for you and deliver it. We are not negating at all the power of manifestation when we say this. Instead, we are providing you with empowerment; and creativity is the doorway.

You may use your creativity to be practical and organize things through touch. Though it’s likely you wouldn’t see such a function in that light. But many who are aware of order and systems in their use to calm the mind and give space for the spirit will absolutely understand the parameters of this tasking. Because from organizing one space then extending out from that joy can come the next step in whatever creativity calls to your heart from your soul. We call this the heart-soul connection. In truth it comes from even farther beyond that to connect you into the universe. And if you yearn for an increased connection to your own non-physical guide team, then creating this pocket of space in a room of your house or other environment will make a declaration of your intent for that amplified connection.

Though there are many distractions and obligations that may be included in your life path, it is important to realize that your powerful abilities now are no less present. They only await your touch and attention. And this is also true for your relationship with your guide team. So, start with organization. Start with shifting your repetitive tasks to consider new ways or options that are less intrusive into the time you might have to be creative. Solutions to make “chores” less arduous. Because in truth, any excuse you might make why you don’t have time or know of any creative outlet you are “good at” or “know how to do” is a thought planted by others to dis-empower you. It is not only fear-based, but designed to assure that depression and survival are all you have left. And that is a lie.

So, what do we mean by “creativity” …? The answer is as simple as play.

What lights you up? Seeing lots of colors laid out in front of you? Listening to music? Writing? Sitting or walking out in nature? A combination of these things? Any and all of that will shift your energy to relaxation and joy if you do it as pure play. And none of it should be done with an expectation to create something for any one else or to make money. That will instantly remove your connection to pure channeled light. Those fear-based society story lines have nothing to do with the path we are leading you down. And we can tell you that pure play and interaction with any mix of color, music, writing and other creativity will absolutely have a reverberation in other areas of your life. In ways you would never have been able to force at this time, into solutions for easing your pain.

Aleiya spent three consecutive days immersed in painting recently and was shocked at how it removed chronic physical pain from her body in multiple ways. Now, that’s not to say she didn’t have bumps in the process as her mind would leap in at times to try to take control of the flow even as we built the energies and codes into the paintings. Many of you will encounter the same self-doubt incursions. This happens, in part, because you were trained in fear patterning and judgement. Those things will not fall away unless you take over that mind-space with a determination to push it aside and replace it with a playtime that deliberately has no expectations or behavior rules. And that is entirely in your grasp. Even if it takes practice. So here we give you a new action plan.

Create the space.

Organize it.

Surround yourself with the toys to play with. (A trip to the art store is a good way to let the flow find its creative joy elements.)

Take your creative toys home and play with them.

Make something.

Give yourself the freedom that this is just for you and no one ever needs to see it.

Just do it. No matter what contrary thoughts might arise.

Because here is what ALL of this is really about….

It makes absolutely NO difference WHAT you build or create.

This is not a hard-core fix-yourself metaphysical tasking to solve anything as a healer or be a practiced artist.

You are not trying to GET anywhere.

Release all expectations.

THIS is channeling.

The fact is that while you are sitting there immersed and relaxed in focus on art and color and texture, you are absolutely a channel for light in the world and for yourself.

And from that allowing of flow during play, there will be an evolution.

You have heard us say that everything you think, speak, and do leaves an impression physically and energetically. Your intention is the point of creation.

A part of my intention in the channeling through light, color and crystals painted directly into each painting is to allow the creation of imprints upon the earth that are building blocks of the new energetics. I am incredibly aware that even if I didn’t share my artwork outside my studio, it is the participation in this creation and its very existence that is enough. But I am adding these to the gateway, in part, to assist you on your own pathways. You may be aware as you look at a painting of what comes through it, and these will be no exception.

The main Dendera Impressions Gallery is available to the public and includes a new piece called The Portals of Creation. Each painting includes a caption that shares the specific list of embedded crystals. I have also channeled a second painting that is the first to be provided to the private gateway community of subscribers. The title of this painting given to me by my Guides is Twilight. My intention in sharing this private gateway collection is to allow a fine-tuning of the energies that come through so that they are specifically imprinted with the light, codes, healing, and energetics directed to assist this smaller group of dedicated practitioners. And you will see visually that these paintings are very different. The links below will take you into these various galleries and gateways.

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Dendera Impressions Private Gateway Collection
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