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12 Tribes Rising from Eternity's Fire

Aleiya's Story and Practitioner's Guide now available worldwide in ebook & paperback on your favorite reader platform.

12 Tribes Rising from Eternity's Fire

A message from Aleiya ~

Navigating the earth plane at this time comes with a wide range of challenges for sensitives, healers, intuitives and empaths. Whether you are aware of it or not, you shine like a beacon, and channel both power and light.  I work with practitioners around the world who find themselves shocked when they encounter negative behaviors and in-fighting even in metaphysical classrooms and circles intended for upliftment, community-building and healing.  And for those who work out in the human world attempting to use their abilities in service, they often find other negative impacts and backlash.  

Being used for your abilities or attached to for your energy is not uncommon.  You must remember that when your light encounters darkness even those who profess to be spiritual may choose to follow their negative patterns and behave with anger, attack or jealousy.  And that can be confusing, disheartening and exhausting.  This book deals with many topics and situations like these faced by sensitives and metaphysical practitioners.  You will have the opportunity to see how I encounter and deal with it to stop abuse and intrusion into both my energy field and life at every level.

There has never been a more important time to claim your power, remove any debilitating factors, and heighten your self-care.  In sharing this path that I walked, which was neither simple nor easy, it is my hope that it will assist you on yours.

Now available in global distribution in either eBook or paperback format on nearly all platforms including: Amazon-Kindle; Kobo; Barnes & Noble Nook; Apple iBooks; Smashwords; Scribd; Bibliotheca (for libraries to order for you and read for free; BorrowBox; OverDrive, Hoopla and others.   Click on the link provided below which will regularly be updated, or simply do a search by title at any book distributor or retail location to place an order.

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12 Tribes Rising From Eternity’s Fire by Alexandria, Aleiya Hunter

Proof that these are no ordinary moments at the turning point of an age for humanity...

Meet Aleiya Hunter (writing here under the pen name "Alexandria"), and realize that your own intuitive abilities are as accessible as hers. 12 Tribes Rising from Eternity’s Fire is an amazing true story of a seemingly normal corporate-girl, who at age 33 had incredible metaphysical abilities suddenly “turned on.” This adventure through merging realities, mediumship, clairvoyance and everyday life crosses over into international and otherworldly encounters. From a panic attack at London Heathrow airport that telekinetically blew the emergency chute off the back of a 747; to standing a few years later in the middle of an international hostage crisis; a spirit-orchestrated plan can clearly be seen to encourage the expansion and use of those abilities. For anyone who wonders about what possibilities the universe may hold for them, this book will both inspire and assist on the journey. Beyond the true-to-life events is an in-depth Practitioner’s Guide to support you in discovering your own intuitive gifts so that you may use them to navigate the earth changes that are well underway across the planet.