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New Annual Subscription & Discount Option

New Annual Subscription & Discount Option

Greetings from Dendera Publishing ~

We hope you are well and finding ways to navigate the current energies and global earth changes in grace-filled ways. To better assist with this, we are now shifting to offer a new annual subscription option that provides a 10% discount. We've had requests for this from those of you who prefer once-per-year rather than monthly billing, and are happy to offer it in a way that also saves you a bit of money.

To sign up, or change your existing access on the free or monthly plan to yearly, just follow the sign in button/instructions on the top right in the gateway, and the "Account" or "Sign Up" button will take you to the options page.

the Dendera Gateway
Knowledge segments by topic, energy/astrology forecasts, and solutions for planetary change to assist in understanding the effect of global power dynamics.