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Navigating the Global Events Timeline

Practical application of the current astrology, alignments, impacts and energetics

Navigating the Global Events Timeline

A mixture of unfolding events, cosmic clashes, earth changes and astrology weave together in both the daily moments as well as in the season of summer in the energetics. Heat and effect in bastions of power. I felt the world literally stumble into a slow-down in the last couple of weeks as we begin an array of planets shifting into retrograde. This should be another sign within your mind and body to slow down and take a systematic methodology in all of your tasks and decision-making. Feeling an anger laced with exhaustion is one manifestation you could be dealing with as you watch things play out on the world stage as well as in the messaging when it mixes with your own personal frustrations.

So how do we decipher and approach situations and the energetics right now…?

When we step into July 2023, we are surrounded by extended retrogrades…including Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and the North Node. On July 18th the Nodes of Destiny exit Taurus/Scorpio and enter Aries/Libra until January 2025. Around that same starting-point July 22nd though September 4th Venus will go retrograde.

There will be (6) eclipses across the Aries/Libra axis over the next 18-months. The two of particular interest to be aware of are the annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023 and the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Notice that both cut a path over the United States.

If we were to compare this to a war, then there are instructions you might find helpful at this starting point of summer, though you are likely to notice they are somewhat opposite to any normal forecasting. As I was reading an astrologer today reciting the usual do’s-and-don’ts I could see a clear example of this. We aren’t on the same script anymore. Saying “you shouldn’t do this during a retrograde” could be a completely inaccurate accounting to what is necessary now in a given circumstance. In truth, the soul-lead mapping of the individual’s situation could be pushing through an old pattern, revising something to bring it to completion, or any number of other appropriate actions. There are always 5 or 6 things going on metaphysically in every drama that you see play out between groups and individuals whether it is straight decision-making or a battle scene. The key is to stop and look inside at your realizations and knowingness. Unplug from only looking at the external and incorporate your internal guidance. That will take you on a route that is more likely away from the path of an unpleasant event that your soul deems necessary to get your attention.

It is getting harder and harder for the masses to ignore these wake-up calls. In large part because the amplification of light and awakening consciousness within humans is moving on regardless of who chooses to progress or not along with it. The retrogrades…. Pluto (the destroyer) …. Saturn (the lord of karma) …. Neptune’s withdrawal of water and illusion; are setting up a non-stop visible array of incidents that won’t be optional participation for those who refuse to pay attention. Incredible heat and storms; a fracturing of systems that bring people to a full stop; planetary circulation that brings unbreathable air to huge population centers.  All of this is designed to put pressure points on souls to get them to stop and pay attention.

But for those of you who are listening to the very visible signs and rhythms that come from your own body, mind, spirit, intuition and environment; you can find a flow through and around much of this. Or, at the very least ride it out with increased protection and comfort. You will be ahead of the events and standing in preparation for them. Instead of walking blindfolded into a pure fun-in-the-sun summer of trying to ignore world events entirely, recognize that withdrawal of your energy; careful selection of planning and participation; and detailing your sanctuary for shelter-in days will be critical. Fear can not be the leader here within your mind and decisions. What one person experiences doesn’t have to become your point of impact as well.

I knew when I saw the heavy forest fire air pollution over the major power and population centers starting in June on the east coast of the United States that it was very necessary. And many of the events similar to this type of wide-scale impact are part of that design. Millions of people hear politicians and groups deny earth changes and climate change and the effects of pollution. How much more ridiculous do they look trying to play that game of denial when people can’t breathe when they walk out their front door? Or when the 115+ degree heat is crashing the electric grid in places like Texas where profit-driven monopolies refuse to invest in proper infrastructure or connectivity. We discuss in greater detail the origins and aspects of what is happening around you and why in the ongoing Unraveling of Deceptions Series.

Of greatest importance now is to recognize the gift of the gateways.

The Lion’s Gate portal is a cosmic event that occurs every year between July 28 and August 12, and peaks on August 8 (8/8). It takes place when the sun in Leo, the Earth, Orion's Belt and the star Sirius are lined up with the earth, which is said to be activated by the rising of the star Sirius. This planetary alignment is also seen to be in alignment in the sky with the Egyptian pyramids in Giza.

For those who follow astrology/astronomy patterns and energetics, it is one of the most awaited cosmic events each year where positive energy can be acknowledged and channeled into manifestation of goals and aspirations. It is a time to disassociate from the past, change old patterns, and allow upgrades on both practical and spiritual levels.

The Lion’s Gate portal is just one of the more well known and visible as we move thru the summer and to the end of 2023. There are others you can call forth in your own life that are more personal in connectivity. Shifting your attention to the galactic can put you in the path of very personal and practical magic. And this is likely to be a much more joyful and expansive gateway to take into your practice and experiences at this time.