This Revolutionary Blast Furnace Vaporizes Trash and Turns It into Clean Energy (Without Any Emissions)

An exciting new startup can make clean energy by vaporizing heaps of trash without any waste or emissions.

The Sierra Energy company is aiming to tackle all of the  non-recyclable garbage that ends up in landfills—from hazardous wastes  and plastics to everyday trash and tires.

The company’s modified blast furnace uses FastOx gasification  technology to heat all of the trash to 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which  is about twice as hot as the heart of a volcano.

While it may seem like this would require large amounts  of energy, the system is able to generate the heat simply by injecting  pure oxygen into the furnace. The oxygen then reacts with the carbon  emanating from the rotting garbage in order to create carbon monoxide  and hydrogen. The steam is then pumped back into the furnace to maintain  the internal temperature.

The fuel that is made from the FastOx technology is reportedly 20 times  cleaner than California fuel standards. And all of the gases that are  generated by the chemical process are captured for reuse—for instance, to replace fossil fuels that power airplanes or for use as fertilizer, hydrogen, or ethanol.

Trash Can Be Turned Into Renewable Energy. This Startup Raised $33M to Do It.
Sierra Energy can turn trash from landfills into renewable energy and fuel with its FastOx technology. Now, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and others are investing.

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