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Year of the Dragon

and so it begins… pinnacles, gifts and preparing your new platform

Year of the Dragon

The dictionary definition of a pinnacle is the most successful point or culmination. I always thought of it in terms of music and storytelling.  Where the composer leads the orchestra to a crescendo or climax in a symphony.  Or a turning point in a story line where the main character meets their destiny.  A culmination of the choices made that bring into manifestation a definitive result.

The lie you are constantly told is that you are a victim…of pretty much everything.  And that serves to diminish your light.  Not because outside beings or forces have the ability to inflict that on you.  But because they got you to believe it was true and inflict it upon yourself.  They got you to live so deeply in fear programming, that you decided that you were less than or that your abilities weren’t good enough.  Then, unfortunately, some of those around you realized that they liked the feeling of false power.  Or from some other anger, wounding, or negative intent they turned that abuse on those around them.  

Sensitives and empaths are the perfect target and some of the easiest to manipulate.  Our intent is heart centered and we see the positive possibilities in people.  We would rather error on the side of a positive thought than hurt someone.  Add in our “mission” focus to uplift humanity for this lifetime and many of us have lived in confusion about what to do when a family member or friend is less than kind.  Our light spirits can’t even imagine why war or negativity or abuse is a reality, so when it comes to us in small drips we often allow it. We let it become our “normal” because it is so pervasive in the world and trained into society.

January 2024 is the beginning of the pinnacles and crescendos. You will see it in large scale out in the world, but you will also feel a tremendous realization (if you are paying attention), that it is time to fine-tune what you will allow in your relationships.  My directive for this month was two-fold. Remove any non-reciprocating relationships; and bring a halt to being used as a justification for bad behavior.

What this means is that any person in my life that was not participating in a relationship with me in a way that was equal, was not to be allowed to continue if they didn’t immediately change that behavior.  How do you recognize if this is true?  Well, if you are always the one doing everything and they don’t reciprocate, then they are feeding off you. Energetically, physically and yes, abusively.  If you feel into the relationship, you will notice there is an underlying jealousy, anger or hatred towards you (or what you represent). And yes, that is really difficult and heart-breaking to bring to conscious focus.  Remember though, that this isn’t actually about you.  This is an extreme form and behavioral manifestation of their own internal unhappiness at something they feel is not the way they want it to be in their own life.  And hint: they are using your own desire to love, be loved, or your fear of loss against you.  All of this will be absolutely apparent if you’re honest with yourself about the current discomfort you feel in the relationship.  It’s a knowingness whispering to you that something is wrong about the dynamics. Something is mean or toxic or unequal.

In other circumstances, if you are choosing to progress by carefully attending to your own soul growth, release of negative patterns, and connectivity to the universe; you may notice that others are using you as justification.  This became a focal point that I was told should not be taken lightly or dismissed as insubstantial.  Because for any of us stepping into our abilities at the next levels, there is a clearing out required to make space for new, more positive relationships.  An upgraded relationship with ourselves as well. This is necessary. You can’t linger in the old negative patterns and dynamics. If you do, you will bring soul-induced crisis points this year at greatly heightened levels and circumstances.  Because the light flooding the planet is a mandatory experience. It will push the darkness out of every corner, system, relationship, cell in your body, and beyond. Our choice now is whether we are gracefully participating in a deliberate release or not. 

Have you noticed the incredible increase in cancer diagnoses, explosions in relationships, and shocking events happening to those around you?  Yes, there is greater toxicity on the planet impacting the physical body. But that is an avenue of opportunity not a solo reason for disease.  This is the climax and culmination of a refusal in many cases to reject negative patterns or deal with old wounding with such deliberate intent that it becomes embedded and a malignant growth in the body.

And to circle back around, what was explained to me about being used for justification was partly a familiar conversation, while at the same time a step-up in the lesson. As those of us are allowing more light and expansion of our connectivity to our abilities and the universe, people will want a piece of that. They like the knowledge and the opportunity to feed off you mentally, emotionally and energetically. By continuing to interact and support them in “friendship” you are actually giving them approval for the negative behaviors they are participating in out in the world even when not with you.  In their minds the conscious or subconscious thought is ….”If this heart-centered lightworker is my friend, then that justifies my bad behaviors out in the world because she approves of me.”  And like an evil lurking in the dark corner of the room, they will likely, at some point, strike out at you in an abusive way.  This will happen in conversations where you touch one of their triggers. Or, as part of feeding off you, they will shift to control you and the interactions in any way open to them. There is also frequently a pattern of hiding parts of their life from you, if not outright dishonesty.

However these interactions manifest, one thing will be certain.  If you are paying attention to your internal guidance, it will be telling you that something is very wrong, and the relationship needs to either drastically change, or come to an end. A finality in no longer allowing yourself to be abused or drained or manipulated for someone else’s drama and gain.  I would like to say that there is still plenty of time to give those around you the opportunity to change, but that is not where we are anymore. If you want to participate in the amazing uplift for yourself and the planet, that time is now.  You will be adding positive energy to the collective consciousness that they will always be welcome to participate in.  But it won’t be your job to directly guide the situation anymore.

2024 is the year of the Dragon in Chinese Astrology, which begins on February 10th. There is power, protection, creativity, courage, innovation and action inherent in these energetics that you may choose to embrace and partner with.

This is the wood dragon, and is the most creative and visionary. And the extent to which you fly and have realizations about next steps will be determined by how much time and energy you spend in the negative repetitive circumstances and relationship dynamics of the past. 2000 and 2012 were the last two years of the Dragon, which should give you an idea of the powerful cycle that we are about to experience.

So, January is a time of final review for those who wish to shift to the next level. Making space, though it may at times bring uncertainty or sadness, will actually be a declaration to the universe and your soul that you are ready for expanded positivity in your life and relationships.  Get organized and get clear of the very visible blast-zones. Look at all your creative projects and start to move in researching options for forward movement and possibilities to initiate in February.  There is still a cleaning-up needed from 2023. Give yourself an organized platform to work from. 

The first of the paintings for this year is Dragon Energy, and is one of an array of portals we will be sharing as the year progresses to assist you in connecting with the universal energetics, as well as your own gifts and opportunities.

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