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Under this week's powerful year-end full moon ~

Intuitive Channel Aleiya Hunter highlights the behaviors and opportunities in the energy forecast under this week's powerful year-end full moon.

Under this week's powerful year-end full moon ~

You may be noticing an interesting pattern of people coming to emotional breaking points and feeling they have some sort of society permission slip to justify lashing out at others under this week's powerful year-end full moon. While this has certainly become a trend in the last 2-years, it will feel and be very different to you this week if you are walking with mastery. This parading around in drama will look more than ever like some odd fake tirade if you are attending to your own balance and allowing the positive pull of the 2020 energies to whisper to you.

On the world stage as well as in personal lives there is a quickening of big decision-making coming at a faster pace than ever before here at the end of 2019. And on top of this pattern is the overlay of a revealing this week to let you know where the bad behaviors and inappropriate decision-making has been occurring. In many cases without your knowledge. Notices in the mail, phone calls, emails bring things into clarity and realization. And along with this comes a gift embedded in the chaos. While you may be exhausted; if you stop and recognize that the answer is to come to a full stop and literally make each and every person responsible for themselves, there will be a great freeing of your energy.

In many of the healers and lightworkers on the planet, there is a deep-seated feeling of constant obligation to make things happen and solve problems. But in an instant today, the realization will come like lightning if you are open to it. Make others responsible for themselves and the specific situations they have created or refuse to be rational about. Their fear is not yours to fix today. Period. Detach. Notify each one of these people systematically, without emotion, and with logical and anti-inflammatory written notice. No long explanations. You will likely shock them as they feel the withdrawal of your energy and support on a psychic level even more than they are impacted by the physical. Even the un-evolved are consciously more and more aware of the movement of the energetics. But for you, there will be an almost mystical ease to a withdrawal that even 6-months ago would not have given you peace.