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The Countdown Checklist

30-day forecast to the surge in global events

The Countdown Checklist

If you have ever been in the path of an incoming storm, especially a hurricane or typhoon, you are familiar with the benefits of paying attention to the meteorologist that provides a detailed timeline and forecast. It provides a great starting-point so that you know when the first of the outer bands of the circulating storm will arrive in your neighborhood. That forecast allows you to know how long you have to prepare before the impacts are surrounding you.

This discussion is your critical energetic, as well as physical forecast alert, that we have now arrived at the end of your window for preparation. November 2023 is your opportunity for important readiness on the current timeline. October gave us a preview of the escalation of the battle between dark and light. December will bring the surge of 2024 energetics. So, in this discussion, we will give you both the practical preparation checklist on the physical plane as well as the metaphysical keys to assist you in walking forward with power rather than fear.

What you are mystically, is as important as what you are physically by December 2023

To understand the expansiveness and depth of what is happening on the earth plane at this time, we give you this point-of-fact. You were very deliberately shown all of those empowering moments in “science fiction” movies. You thought it was for entertainment. It was not. It was preparation. It allowed you to feel the strength of who you are in the scenarios that are in fact real.  While the darkness has been trying to retain control over this planet and the humans, the galactic beings and warriors of light have been sending in support and information through any pathway the humans were open to receive on. Star Wars; Star Trek; Lord of the Rings; the Avengers; the Matrix; and more.

You are standing on a planet that for over 10,000 years has been under the control of a group of beings who only desire control for their own extraction of resources, power and benefit. Through all of the mundane tasks you deal with on a daily basis, it’s time for you to break through to the realization that you are now stepping up to the moment of the necessary turning of the tide. Shoulder to shoulder with other light workers from every realm. It’s come down to approximately 30-days after a span of waiting 10,000 years. You are very much one of the Avengers straight out of the Marvel movies. You are a combination of every character you ever resonated with that showed you a window to the reclaiming of your power. And they did it because you are the channel that by drawing that light-focused power onto the earth plane around you, others will have access to it for the sweeping change that is upon them.

Now your job is to bring it all together and stabilize yourself.

Finalizing your Personal Preparation Checklist

Over the last 4-months I’ve felt things speed up on the timeline. One thing I’ve become very good at is feeling the pull and flow, and understanding the embedded directives. If you have practiced any mastery at all rather than choosing to leave yourself in a high percentage of chaos, then you also have the capacity to do this. This is practical metaphysics. Watching information flows; paying attention to how you feel and knowingness; then responding to THAT with deliberate action in you decision-making. The tasks you choose to do in a day, even the basic mundane ones are the result of the practical metaphysics you are choosing to do in practice.

So, for me over the past few months I’ve felt the constant push to get organized in advance for 2024. I’ve already winterized my house and will be finishing annual maintenance within the next week; reorganized and removed unnecessary items from everywhere so there is a peaceful centeredness. This pushes back the chaos energies and shifts anything that is “stuck” so that you are lighter and more capable of receiving new support, information and beneficial energies. I already archived old files and updated all of my electronics and computers. The consistent message I’ve gotten from my Guide team is to get caught up and stay caught up. And now I understand why. Because November requires attention to the mystical and energetic.

In order to have the capacity to receive upgrades and downloads and recalibration of your energetics; which is critical this month as we stand on the precipice of the first global impacts of the battle; you have to put your personal world in order. You only have the capacity to do and handle and participate in so much at one time. And because those of us who work both mystically and physically are here to attempt to maximize the ability to raise the consciousness while clearing ancestral lines; that can’t be achieved if you aren’t balanced, stabilized, and rested as much as possible. You are more than welcome to choose an alternate educational program. You can stay in your wounds and chaos and negative patterns and deal with the outcome of the manifestations that result around you from those choices. That’s the option of the earth plane. But while positive growth is optional, participation is not.

It’s time to put your direct intent in motion. Resting and working to deliberately dial down your central nervous system is now an escalated priority this month.  Evaluate your household supplies, and walk your residence and property. Don’t put off anything that has felt you need to give modification or attention to.  Review the tasks you might otherwise wait until the first half of next year to organize, and instead put it into alignment now. One of those tasks for me was to follow guidance to do all of my document organization for tax prep now, as well as to hire a new CPA and plan to let them do my taxes rather than do them myself for 2023. I also shut down and put away all my hydroponic gardening.

None of this is done in fear or in a reactionary way. And that’s the point. I can see my Guide team is assisting me in clearing away any stress or major tasks. I’m certain you have experience as well as I do to know that it’s much easier to stay balanced during stressful events if you have put key support in place in advance. And that is what is necessary now.

Personal Positive Manifestation in the Midst of Global Events

When we tell you to put your personal environment in order; remove the things and people who would dis-empower it; gather your supplies; align your support; and minimize your future daily tasking; it should not set you into panic or fear. It is to invite you to walk in mastery rather than chaos. This will give you time to stop and breathe and recognize that your job is to be detached emotionally from the crisis points. You will have set up your living environment in the location and with the supplies you need. That frees you to perform a constant realignment with peaceful and very powerful energetics that are available to you if you reach for them.

When the October 2023 war began in the middle east, it was a deliberate surge of darkness to destabilize you. It required your ability to compartmentalize, detach, and purge those dark energies that were meant to infiltrate you with paralyzing fear.  We brought you through the entire preparation discussion above because you can not do two things at once in this case. You cannot swim in and swallow and participate in fear that will be thrown at you like this and also be in high vibrational balance. You need to give yourself a foundation and a system right now.  Because you are needed in the midst of what is to come to be able to balance and connect with positive light that you can create beauty and joy no matter what else is going on outside your sanctuary. There may be those who are called into action out in the world for hands-on tasks, while others will be weaving the light from a more detached location. This guidance applies to both.

We are not unrealistic. There will be moments and days when crying out emotions to remove the toxins from your body, then resting will be the priority. But eventually you will be in enough balance if you choose to be because of your advance preparations and refusal to participate in chaos, that you will pull out your art supplies, work with color, and paint something beautiful. Or you will cook a wonderful meal to be shared. Or dance to high vibrational music as the light pours through your energetics and out into the world. These are your accessible superpowers. Above all else, this discussion is to guide you to remember to not be continually pulled and so distracted by dark events that it becomes your only focus. No matter your placement or role.

While you may be surrounded by people and situations under great stress or impact, it is important to remember that from a centered and deliberate focus comes the manifestation of your personal experience. This is Universal Law. What you focus on and immerse yourself in you attract as your experience. Add in emotion and you manifest it even faster. And that emotion when based in fear is incredibly destabilizing.

This image is one of the best examples I have ever seen of positive individual manifestation clearly visible in the aftermath of a devastating wide-scale event. The recent wildfire that swept through Maui, Hawaii burned nearly everything to the ground…. with the exception of this house. This homeowner built their house with the simple recommended removal of foliage around the structure and a commercial-grade steel roof. Neither of these things being the normal practice on the island. But this person clearly was working from accurate internal guidance. So, when we say get quiet right now so you are taking steps to preparation in alignment with your own internal guidance and knowingness rather than continuing to put it off, this is why. Your knowingness and the signs and warnings and feelings have not been hidden from you. You know where you have been directed to be and what needs to be changed. And following that now in these last days before the global impacts ramp up will determine whether your path forward is easier or more difficult.