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Moving Beyond Overwhelm and Insanity is the new Path of the Lightworkers

Aleiya Hunter discusses the new path of the Lightworkers in moving beyond overwhelm as she recounts the journey of the past decade.

Moving Beyond Overwhelm and Insanity is the new Path of the Lightworkers

When I first started providing a view of the global dynamics and energies more than a decade ago through what was then called “Watchtower,” it was a very different array of information. I would monitor news broadcasts from around the world and share what was really going on that the public was unaware of behind the scenes. Over time, that evolved away from news-specifics and into providing more of an energy forecast and guidance on how to apply those broader opportunities to personal growth, release of negative patterns, and mental-emotional support. My work with my non-physical Guide teams as a psychic intuitive and channel remained the basis for those interactions and broadcasts.  But by November 2016, that and the planetary energies hitting us began to drastically change.

In recent years, to the discomfort of everyone on the planet, the energies have become intense to the point of pushing us into feeling a level of insanity at times. With decades of preparation in metaphysics I, and others, were realizing (and informed), that all of our balancing and mastery tools weren’t provided as some sort of lead-in to a peaceful, easier time when we would group-hug the humans as we ushered them in to a higher vibration. Instead, it’s an intense and constant surge of light and darkness crashing against each other, and we find that we are like butterflies in a hurricane being blasted with winds that won’t be letting up anytime soon.

It’s been a shocking array of years for all of us in one way or another. Even those who are relatively stable are feeling the mental-emotional and energetic impacts. Overwhelm and depression and surprise are a daily presence as we realize how critical a precipice this time period is on earth for dealing with humanitarian and environmental issues. And we are horrified to witness these situations as they crash against anger and government systems that publicly demonstrate such vast abuse of power and corruption and refusal to fight for anything but their profits. We all knew government and corporate greed would have to be brought to light and changed. Old systems would need to be torn down and replaced. But most of us honestly thought a 5-10-year period would do it. A spotlight would get pointed at the truth, and the masses of humanity would be thankful and happy to shift. And for those who didn’t, a few soul-induced personal and natural disasters would provide the wake-up call needed. At which point all of us who have worked so hard to level-up in mastery would be sitting ready with our new age toolboxes at retreat and healing centers around the world to lead the public over to the “new earth.”  Well, this combination of situations plus the big reveal of the extra-terrestrial races uncloaking in the sky and helping humanity would certainly complete the shift. Sure, there would be a bit of panic at first. But those of us who have been interacting with these benevolent beings for lifetimes would stand as ambassadors to diminish the public fear in a loving and solutions-based way.

Now, if my description above of how we imagined things were going to go down sounds a bit sarcastic, you’d be correct. I came to quick anger as I realized that we hadn’t been told in reality what was coming.  And I can clearly see that was for two reasons. Number one, we all needed to spend decades clearing out old energies and building our mastery toolbox in preparation. And in those days of denser energies, those of us on “the first wave” of souls incarnating in this lifetime were the warriors and pioneers that needed to be kept focused. We needed to believe at the time that we were already doing the hard part and it would get easier from there. We took the world from believing everything related to metaphysics was occult darkness or hippie nonsense, to a time now when some school systems are actually turning to meditation in public school classrooms as a valid solution for balancing; yoga is trendy; and natural remedies are of greater accepted practice.

The second reason for not telling us how challenging this time period would be, is two-fold. Fear on this planet is used to control the population at the planetary level. And it’s always of critical importance to assist light workers in achieving a non-fear-based focus. The only thing fear and worry contribute to in the human system is mental, emotional and physical debilitation. A state that will always hinder us from having a clearly focus, realizing positive solutions, and being prepared to respond when called upon.

The additional point-of-fact, that we were all told well in advance repeatedly, is that what we would be doing in this lifetime would be the equivalent of “a science experiment.”  We knew this was about raising the vibration for humanity and the earth.  How much light can the experiment of the human physical body be transitioned to hold in consciousness?  Will the beautiful earth be able to make her own “jump” into the fifth dimension?  I, personally, have always been very excited to be here and participate in this. Until I realized that this experiment had no absolute guarantee and would be the equivalent starting in 2016 of 24/7 pain from the stand-point of being a sensitive and trying to stay in the physical body.

To be honest, as I’ve been hit with health issues to clear out, I thought it was just me. Surely the other light workers were faring better and using their happy toolboxes of meditation, aromatherapy, and other modalities to rebalance and get clear of feeling like we are in a microwave oven…. right?  Because there have been days if not weeks up until now when even trying to sit and meditate wasn’t a connecting point for me. Then I started paying close attention to the metaphysical practitioners who were “riding high” with fantastic and broadening careers in the public arena. It took some of them awhile to come out and admit that though they were broadcasting wide in their joyful field with great psychic connection, they also felt like they were trapped in a pressure cooker. And then slowly but surely, for the practitioners truly dealing with providing day-to-day support to the public, the messaging from their guide-teams started to have a very visible new mission…just keep the lightworkers alive.

In truth, because the future is not yet written as choices in the free-will-free-choice zone are manifesting and changing daily, what we do with this time period is up to all of us. Though it’s critical to remember that we aren’t here to individually spread our energy so thin that we are trying to contribute to solving everything. The big elements, on the other hand, were scheduled for the overall segments. Of galactic light negotiated for and aimed at the planet out of necessity. Done because there is an understanding of how important the earth is as a planet that can’t be lost. And these are galactic issues far beyond the 3-dimensional or even terrestrial ones. Which brings us to the point in this discussion where my own decision-making began to shift.

Over time, I called a nearly complete halt to interacting or sharing with the metaphysical community with any regularity. I felt bad about doing that to be honest, but I was frustrated about more than personal physical challenges and life changes. I had followed a path in sharing channeled information and support that felt repetitive. Not that I’m above being on the team that offers the critical energetics on the new mission to keep lightworkers incarnated and alive. But I had followed the advice of other very successful channels and practitioners that kept telling me I needed to “thread the needle.”  This meant speaking on subjects in very general or metaphorical terms rather than discussing specifics of the political, governmental, environmental and other more ‘negative’ elements. I was told it was good business-building to just focus on discussions that helped people with their personal problems. And when I tell you in a moment more about who I am, you will better understand why that felt like nothing short of a betrayal of my reason for being on the planet.

In the non-metaphysical world of humans, I’m a global level “subject matter expert” called in by very wide reaching and varied types of organizations from private to government; law enforcement to military.  In essence, I’m the one to assist in building solutions and untangling situations, with an insistence I only attend to providing that support in a truth-based way that is honorable. And nope…. these organizations have absolutely no idea of my psychic abilities or expanded awareness. Nor are they aware of my knowledge of the groups of extra-terrestrial races and what is taking place behind the scenes on this planet. So, this is what brought me to a nearly complete halt in communicating on a regular basis. I knew that the world wasn’t ready for me to start sharing those types of real-time global and galactic details. And I wasn’t willing to post another cheerleader platitude while sitting on the facts. I can see now that the clash of light and darkness needed to get to where we are today with enough bad actors revealed; enough rioting in the streets; enough floods and forest fires, and prominent leaders going to jail in the public arena. I’ve given the metaphysical practitioners and public an extra 3-years to be immersed in the realizations and challenges. And I took that time to engage more heavily in the hands-on interactions in the field. Sometimes in a position of invaluable and visible support, and other times taking on hidden projects that gathered information, witnesses and victims and providing them with what they needed to stand up to the organizations inflicting immeasurable and widespread harm.

What changed that brings me back to this gateway now, is having a lifetime of waiting and questions and trying to figure out what to do with my abilities and connectivity now falling into place for the next step. The door is now open for me to merge aspects of my knowledge and awareness in sharing the deeper details about what is actually going on in different parts of the world. It will be paired with galactic information as well. Because the truth of things isn’t only about the situations in view of the masses. It’s about the extra-terrestrial races and their involvement here on this planet now in both positive and negative form and intention.

I heard a joke on late night TV last week that was intended to be funny, but unknown to the public is actually an accurate description of what’s going on in politics and governments. These elements are packaged and laughed at as “conspiracy theories” said to only be ridiculous stories created by groups said to wear tin foil hats and live in their mother’s basements. The actual facts walk down that line of going public, even as behind-the-scenes there are multiple levels of control and misinformation broadcast in a determination to hide those facts from the masses.

As things have progressed, my depth of connection as a channel has changed in a way that got my attention and showed me that with the timing of the energies are now engaging, I was was open to select how I would choose to engage too. I had been frustrated for years as to why I wasn’t getting the go-ahead to start doing public channeling as a trance medium or even platform medium or metaphysical instructor.  The answer I received in early December 2019, is that while those are valid and still methods in positive use, they are in fact an old methodology that will be coming to an end in that format as things progress. I had also stopped doing one-on-one intuitive readings in 2018 after encountering a series of clients that where only interested in having me tell them if their boyfriends were cheating on them and similar chaos, with no desire to take personal responsibility in their lives. There are plenty of wonderfully patient and gifted healers who work at that personal level, but I knew I wasn’t entirely here for that. I wasn’t going to sit through it just to “build my metaphysical business” and humor clients who had no interest in addressing soul-level issues.

So, I step back in and invite you to follow along in discussions that not everyone is ready for. I was told that I’m still ahead-of-the-curve as far as what a lot of humans are going to be willing to believe or accept. But as a warrior of the first wave, I’m no stranger to being asked to lead. I will be working with the energies and information of a specific collective consciousness of non-physical galactic Guides. This will be a ‘next level’ interaction rather than working as a trance or automatic channel. And these interactions, as well as other timely translations and guidance regarding larger world events, will also be shared. My intention is to be fully present to provide expanded key information as it’s presented to me, that will be new for many of you. You will be assisted in putting together the puzzle pieces for the first time, to see behind the illusion in a very practical way for decision-making. Even for me, when the information has made me uncomfortable, I always stayed true to my dedication that I would rather know the truth in every situation so I can pick my involvements without being naïve or inaccurate. We all have to decide what level to engage in now from the smallest daily elements to the broadest assistance to humanity.  My intent is to share the information you need to do that.