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A discussion with Aleiya on the clarity now available, and how to direct it into momentum.


You might easily be feeling completely out of time and space. It’s taking a serious dedication to finding our footing in-the-moment. If there is one giant gift the pandemic has given us it’s clarity.  You might disagree with that on any given day of the week, but it wouldn’t be a lie your mind can easily hold.  We did get clarity. If you sit right now with that and ask your life path to show you the truth of it, you’ll easily notice what you definitively want to fall away. The things that no longer server you and you want to bring to an end.

I had a long-term wake up call that ties back to a childhood of narcissistic, abusive, alcoholic parents.  Yep, that stuff spirals back around.  I stood in the dreamtime last night and watched for about the millionth replay some version of them abandoning me.  Oh, it’s cloaked in a variation of the abandonment theme song, but on wake-up at 5:30am it came with a different clarity.  The energies changing as they are on the planet are bringing that crystal clarity in.  And today I can see that the living, breathing, characters on the stage and this story-point in my life are a narcissistic group of long-term corporate men who use me for my amazing business skills, but have no real respect for me.

See how that matches the reoccurring pattern…?

So annoying.

It occurs to me at a whole other level now that none of them are actually in control. I am.

Yesterday I was in a downward spiral of despair and depression as I gave them the solutions to fix their huge financial and organization-building mess. Facing their own patterns, I’m watching them love my incredible reveal of accurate facts; agree with my assessment of truth; while they choose to leave all the abusers and manipulators in place to do it again.

Nope.  No longer my path.

Hence the dream.

I've made all the right declarations just short of building a dream board to manifest my exit from these long term relationships.  It includes accepting and realizing the more positive projects and relationships I’m now ready for.  I can see these new “characters” manifesting over the last few months to prove the new intention-setting is “turned on” in me.  They just happen to still be coming in to support me in the same dark business environment of the past.  Because I haven’t yet shifted my own physical time to more action steps into my new plans.

But that’s fantastic.

A reminder of my power and abilities when applied.  Which brings me back to this morning.

There is no step you are truly blocked from taking in the direction of your positive future.

And ignore your mind telling you otherwise right now with physical-plane excuses. In last night's dream, my parents bought a new house to relocate away from me and gave my brother a room.  They did not give one to me.  How many ways have I played that scenario out in believing that I needed the approval of these people who never actually had love for me?  How many times have I morphed that abandonment-pattern into a mental construct then projected it into friendships, workplace and other relationships that literally invite people to treat me like shit until I realize it’s neither real nor the reality I now am accepting of...?

Jump to my current situation.  How can I be singularly frustrated with a bunch of people in my current workplace environment replaying their unwanted patterns when I’m replaying my patterns….?

Well, that’s kind-of a silly circle isn’t it.

Which brings us back to the push of light in 2022.

Screw the pandemic. It’s a gift. It can’t stay.

So, if intent is faster in manifestation…(and it is)…. then momentum is our friend.

As a teacher…which I stopped doing for some time in a formal psychic-metaphysical-counselor format for a while because I could not listen to another person tell me everything in their life had gone to shit, but they couldn’t find 10-minutes a day to apply positive action or energy towards themselves or their dreams.

Absolutely there have been days and weeks for all of us when we had to be reactive over the last 2-5 years.  Myself included. When survival physically, mentally or emotionally took everything in us to deal with the changes, shock and chaos.  But now there is a foothold available.  And a handhold.  And maybe take a moment to notice you don’t have to see it as a vertical wall you have to scale.

Stand and look around the room. What do you want to keep?  What do you want to replace?  Don’t take no for an answer.  Give it one step forward in action.  Give it 5-minutes of your time today. Then tomorrow give it 10-minutes.  And hold that pattern. Momentum begins. Momentum leads to self-awareness.  Momentum leads to power.  Momentum pushes a wave in front of you of positive intent that protects and builds.  Anything that is not of that positive intent will be swept away.