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Introduction to the new Dendera Gateway

Dendera Publishing launches the new platform for Aleiya Hunter thru the Dendera Gateway providing knowledge segments, energy guides, forecasts & more.

Introduction to the new Dendera Gateway

Welcome to the launch of the new Dendera Gateway platform. For those of you who have followed along with Aleiya Hunter over the last decade, you will find an expansion in the type of information provided here. The Gateway provides knowledge segments equivalent to the chapters of a book, as well as energy/astrology forecasts, and more, divided up by topic. This information will be key to assisting you in understanding global power dynamics that are having a direct impact on your life physically, financially, energetically, mentally and emotionally. We encourage you to read, save, share and explore all of the segments to assist yourself and others in using the solutions provided, as well as to adjust your decision-making as world situations and opportunities change..

Solutions to empower, change, uplift, and solve some of our greatest issues will come through soul groups and individuals uniting and sharing around the planet.

The Dendera Gateway will also highlight these groups to assist in connecting light workers globally to encourage communication and learning so that new systems will spread. Your exploration of this information and sharing out thru your own networks expands the reach of these ideas, initiatives and solutions to individuals who are in a position to build and implement them. There has never been a more important time for us to find and connect to one another.

We invite you to explore the new gateway ~

the Dendera Gateway
Knowledge segments by topic, energy/astrology forecasts, and solutions for planetary change to assist in understanding the effect of global power dynamics.