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Introduction to the Unraveling of Deceptions – Part 5

High vibrational placement, pathways to hidden knowledge and opportunity

Introduction to the Unraveling of Deceptions – Part 5

High vibrational placement, pathways to hidden knowledge and opportunity

I like knowing stuff. And to clarify that statement…. I’m talking about having accurate information. It’s part of my soul mission. I’m a communications specialist (among other things), and built into that tasking is that I am part of a team of light workers from the physical and non-physical, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial realms on earth at this time with the goal of assisting in bringing the option to humans to be free for the first time in over 10,000 years.

You will notice I said option to be free. The earth plane is a free-will-free-choice zone. Universal Laws are going to be functioning around you whether you choose to bury your head in the sand and keep your negative patterns; or participate in raising your consciousness.  And the outcome of those personal decisions will either bring your joyful desired outcome or something less that what you hoped for.

So, as we traverse deeper into information-sharing, be aware that finding out about unpleasant behaviors and facts isn’t fun for me either. But in this gateway, that information will be provided with heart-centered balancing and empowerment. It’s important to remember that if you know what’s going on around you, you have the option to make it stop. Once light is aimed at and illuminates a dark object, it is no longer hidden. And that may translate in a variety of ways.

You are power.  So, when you withdraw your attention, money, approval, time, energy from something; it will not have control over you.  And in that space, the universe will provide a higher vibrational replacement.  But if you don’t make space and shift your focus, then all of your power goes to people and into systems that range from not being of maximum benefit to manifesting your dreams, to downright harmful or feeding off of your energy.  This is what we mean when we say you have the option to claim your freedom.  And piece by piece, with our love in equal measure to revealing less than pleasant information, just by opening to these possibilities for consideration you are reclaiming that freedom.

To begin this discussion, I’m going to clarify my identification of people/beings/entities into two defined categories. The “Good Guys” and the “Bad Guys.”  I have to call them something.  And as a point to keep in mind, I’m not using these terms in the judgmental sense.

My definition of a “Good Guy” – is any being (human or extra-terrestrial) that is behaving and taking action in a way that is heart-centered and has the intent to uplift, love, and be of assistance to humanity, animals, the earth, and beyond.

My definition of a “Bad Guy” – is any being (human or extra-terrestrial) that is deliberately behaving and taking action with the intent to control or do harm to humanity, animals, the earth, and beyond.

Who Goes First

Dismantling systems and structures designed for control requires identifying the source and intent.

And many of us would be considered during this time period as the first wave light workers.  We are trained over our lifetime and sent through hardships; given original “new age” metaphysical training; and encounter a range of synchronicities and key relationships because we are designed to be the first to “put the puzzle pieces together.” Because those first souls (like myself) are needed to be “the first to break down the door and walk through it” …. both physically and energetically. We aren’t just dealing with implementing physical changes. Those come through the ability to clear out darkness and allow higher consciousness to pour through us. Also in these critical few years, we are shown the specific “bad guys” and “good guys”… so they and their corrupt control structures not only become more recognizable, but we assist others by mitigating fear and shock on the path to realized personal empowerment.

The other thing we are always going to do as we proceed in providing you with information, is that it will not be an endless one-sided stream of bad news. We are also going to identify an array of visible “good guys” along the way. We can assure you there are many more standing within the groups and structures that need to be changed and uplifted by new heart-centered choices. These individuals are the revolutionaries, guardrails, and peaceful heart-centered warriors. And whether they know anything about the metaphysical or galactic or energetic points of what is going on at this time, their soul does. And divine timing is always at work.

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The Unraveling of Deceptions – Part 5
Knowledge as power, definitions, details, and a hidden history