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Agendas and the Pandemic

Aleiya and her Guides provide information, guidance and focus to understand this critical point in global transition.

Agendas and the Pandemic

You can’t have a conversation about what’s happening on the planet with the coronavirus, government politics, corporations, food supply chains or anything else without including non-physical and extra-terrestrial beings and the part they are currently playing in assistance to humanity and the planet, as well as in power and control agendas. You just can’t. Not if you want to actually understand what’s going on so you can make personal decisions that are accurate and not fear-based. It would be the equivalent of having a serious and fact-based discussion about animals and telling students that only dogs, cats and birds exist on the planet. Because from the window of your house and experience you likely have never seen an elephant, Komodo dragon or polar bear in the neighborhood.

The other key factor that literally solves it all for you personally, is understanding that the real agenda is your dis-empowerment, and keeping you in chaos and fear without the knowledge and realization that you hold tremendous power for manifesting in your personal world. The fact that if you get organized with others in a positive way, the darker agendas lose the war.

I’m not a big fan of drama. But I am absolutely one of the angels on the battlefield. Woo-woo people take that as having a negative connotation. They may accurately say that your applied attention, focus, energy and actions should be directed to solutions that are empowering and filled with light in every moment, but that doesn’t mean you ignore bad behaviors and systems set up to disempower humans that have been a dark agenda on the planet for thousands of years. They have to be addressed to be changed and eradicated. This is the time when metaphysical training can be brought together with practical application in the world and communities. Just keep in mind that all this light hitting the planet is designed to make visible those dark agendas so humanity can see who is actually in hidden power on the planet and say…”Um…NO.” The entire power-and-control structure is designed to keep humans afraid. Because when you shift your practical reality to the logistical fact that you have power, then those dark entities lose their hold on the planet.

This is what we have been waiting for.

I said that with a feeling of great relief to another metaphysical practitioner several weeks ago. And while a part of my conscious mind thinks its super weird and maybe a bit inappropriate to be relieved about what’s going on with a global pandemic; I recognize that it’s not that I don’t have immense waves of sadness and compassion running thru me. It’s that I’m understanding that the battle for the planet has to become VISIBLE to all humans, or nothing will have the opportunity to change at this critical turning point. Yes, the humans had many opportunities over the last 25 years to raise their consciousness without a crisis and implement more positive solutions for themselves, the animals and the planet. And some of them did. Others also used it for acclimating and training for what was to come. There are many factors and opportunities coming together in this lifetime that you’ve probably read about or been aware of.  Just keep in mind that acknowledging (without fear) the 300lb gorilla in the room will make your planning table more effective, and puzzle pieces fit together with greater accuracy….in your personal world as well as beyond to the energy you now choose to apply to assist humanity.

This discussion about global agendas doesn’t require you jump out of your skill-set and personal application of your talents in the world. On any given day you can take in a new piece of information about the reality of things at a more global level, and then it’s completely appropriate to apply self-care and unplug to process it. Just remember that while your superhero form gets excited to have accurate information, your little human inside needs to be held with love and allowed to rebalance. It’s important that when you view this immense larger picture of global situations that again, you not allow it to disempower you. Instead you must return again and again to your powerful connection to source at a peaceful center point of balance. Energetically and physically lightworkers are the front line in the battle to raise the consciousness on the planet and need to accomplish this first on the individual level. And it’s from this constant attention to rebalancing that you are truly assisting the whole of humanity, the animals and Gaia. It’s this level of personal empowerment that will fill you with joy and make the dark agenda entities shriek in terror and loss of control.

All of that being said, it’s time for discussions to occur to change your perspective in a very practical way. And to be clear, so you don’t think I’m sitting in an ivory tower without impact, let me share some key factors of my own situation that requires absolute and ruthless attention to removing fear patterns and thoughts from my mind and choices. This will also give you a reminder of how our higher self and guardians work continually to protect us and put things in place for support when we have no idea what’s about to happen in the world.

At the end of 2019 I was attempting to find a path that would include moving past long-term illness. I was pushing myself out of the house to try to do “fun things.” I didn’t want my food challenges and lack of knowing people locally to be an excuse to not have progress. I was fortunate to have work and income and a home office. My newly built neighborhood was finally able to get at-home grocery delivery service. I figured going out and starting the rebuild of my physical strength was important.  So, I was incredible surprised to be met by weirdly uncomfortable negative circumstances the few times I tried. Food at a new restaurant made me sick. The temperature seemed so cold and the energies in the stores in November 2019 so depressing, that I came home and cried in confusion. Then the weather of non-stop rain and cold progressed thru the winter and every time I even considered getting in the car to go somewhere I couldn’t make myself do it. By February I was losing my mind, and on the first sunny day I opened the garage door and declared “that’s it! I’m going out and restarting my life!” I made it exactly 8 feet to the gravel rock path to put out the garbage and screamed in terror. A horrible 8-inch huge black lizard was sunning itself. And what ensued to evict it left me with brutal day-and-nightmares.

I couldn’t imagine the purpose of constantly terrifying me to stay in my house like some kind of hermit. Until the coronavirus hit. Now I look at the incredibly intricate and physically manifested combination of events and realize it was my nonphysical guides and guardians protecting me.  Being in western Washington State/Seattle area where the first impact of the coronavirus pandemic was silently infiltrating the United States, was a danger to me. The virus was already here and circulating well in advance of what the media was reporting. And I also would have to acknowledge that while I didn’t like the methods and life path I’ve been on in dealing with illness and a personal quarantine; setting me up in preparation for sheltering in place physically was an important component. I literally do not need to leave the house.

I saw a post from a woman who said…”why couldn’t my guides have mentioned directly that I should have stocked up on toilet paper and removed my cash from the stock market?” She was laughing when she said it, but serious all the same. I thought about that for a moment and realized that all of the care and daily connection to my own guidance as a long term priority DID tell me those things in advance. I use all of the methods I’ve been teaching for years including knowingness and kinesiology for yes-no discussion questions with my guide team/higher self. I’m nothing if not practical in my applications. I have to be because I’ve spent years as a metaphysical practitioner “hiding in plain sight” in global organizations where I step in and out of rooms where big money and decisions are made. I bring up the toilet paper and stock market thing as both a short- and long-term combination of knowing in advance what to do. The day the very FIRST news story popped up about toilet paper shortages, which was before the pandemic was declared or seriously considered by most in the United States, I had an instant knowingness and ordered an extra supply for delivery. I took a picture of it in my closet as a joke and said to a friend that my hording tendencies must be having a moment. Within a week, that actually turned out to be super important to follow my in-the-moment intuition as my local stores would be without supplies for quite some time. And as far as the stock market is concerned, I have no money invested in it. I’m very aware that it can be used as a positive tool for allowing a path of financial abundance to come in. But about 20-years ago I evaluated it from an energetic and intuitive perspective. When I “reached out and touched it” I could see that it didn’t really exist. It was like opening a box and discovering that it was all a lie. The box was empty and it would be used as a control mechanism against the public to manipulate and control and devastate them at will. I didn’t have the specific knowledge at the time as to what that meant, but as a result, I knew what was coming eventually.

I encourage you to take a moment to notice that none of what I describe about how I recognized the guidance about toilet paper or the stock market, nor the actions I took surrounding that decision-making include fear. And it is ALL about removing fear now from decision-making. That being said, I have had to allow huge grief to be acknowledged and move thru me. My “business partner” and financial backer of 13+ years who has always demonstrated being a good person and I considered a friend, called me the day after the pandemic was announced and dropped me on my ass with no notice and no support. A man with large financial resources who stopped paying me without notice, has no other employees, and hasn’t once checked in to see if I’m still alive or to offer any sort of support even as a friend. Governor Cuomo of New York said in one of his press conference briefings that this is a time when people will show who they really are. Some displaying wonderful acts of kindness, and others breaking your heart with their actions.

For my part I have continued to walk with honor and support and manage his financial and business pieces so they don’t fall down, even while he literally ignores me and I come to terms that he and the group of men he partners with only ever thought of me as an employee. Why? Because my internal guidance says to focus on taking care of myself at the moment without letting anything fall down. There is SO much in flux right now that we literally have to prioritize stabilizing ourselves without fear minute-by-minute and adapting in very practical ways. Re-do the finances in my budget; apply for unemployment and a PPP loan/grant; minimize spending; set up a receiving table in my garage to wipe down incoming grocery packages with disinfectant before bringing them into the house; monitor job boards; freeze meals and put them in the freezer so I can minimize grocery delivery orders with high fees. And then yes, cry out the immense grief at the life and structure we now no longer have even as I carefully rest to prepare for what comes next. And to be clear…I am being told that amazing positive experiences will be a part of leaving those old structures and relationships behind. This I believe is possible for anyone who applies non-fear-based decision-making, self-care to re-balance, and works with the higher guidance available. Even as the battle becomes more visible by necessity on the planet, so does our support and increase in the light provided to us.

In the past I’ve provided information and training in decision-making based on higher guidance and without fear. As an open psychic who knew this time was coming, I had to walk the woo-woo line of hugs and kisses and encouragement where all I could do was “suggest” the importance of learning kinesiology meditation, using divination systems, etc. to build individual skills during a non-crisis time. It’s easier to learn to play the piano in a quiet room than in a room filed with chaos and emergency situations. And in such large percentage I had real impatience about that. I muttered to a friend this week… “nobody’s laughing at me now about preparing for the zombie apocalypse” …. when I kept making simple guidance preparations on my house including a whole-home automatic natural gas generator, a month’s worth of water storage, picking a house with new sturdy construction in a protected area with a garage, etc.

So, to circle back around to the current global pandemic, I first remind you that whatever is going on, your higher guidance is accessible to you with clarity if you choose to engage with it. And get ready for it to tell you that constant surging forward isn’t the answer. You will need to be willing to repeatedly stop, wait, and rest at times. That will take very deliberate dedication to focusing on self-care as a priority and ruthlessly refusing to allow fear-thoughts to be in your mind and body. And keep in mind that as a sensitive, you’re picking up on massive planetary energy fluctuations that include fear waves as well as light embodiment. This means you have to stop and sort that out. Even the light waves at new levels of amplification are new to us and don’t always feel comfortable to integrate and process. I have literally stopped physically in a room and said out loud… “NO. I will not give this fear-based thought pattern discussion time in my mind.” Because if you don’t remember anything else you read here, remember this….

Fear solves nothing. It can only blind you, block positive manifestation and clarity.  And do you really have time for THAT right now?

This brings us back to the larger discussion about the global agendas on this planet that are not for the upliftment of humanity. That dark agenda has only one goal…your dis-empowerment. And that relies on keeping you afraid. Are you willing to allow that? You don’t have to know every detail of corporate or government control to make that one decision that will change your entire life. Will change your entire energy field by enough of a percentage that you slip into your superhero abilities from this life and others to stand in peace and love and joy. I’m not feeding you a woo-woo line. I’m giving you the keys to it all in your personal space. Which, will be important as a foundation for addressing how the bigger global issues are being seen and felt. And this brings us to a discussion of some of those details.

If you are asking an intuitive/psychic like myself to predict the next elements on the future timeline, it’s important to recognize first where we are all standing. The conversations need to be brought together now. I was watching a combination of three metaphysical practitioners who all study and provide updates in astrology. One is incredibly “commercialized.” The other has great depth of knowledge in archetypes and focus on the earth climate changes. Another sits in a box and makes recommendations with zero application to the practical pandemic precautions. I greatly appreciate knowing the key aspects of planetary movement because this is all energetic impacts that show the signposts of gateways to big societal events. I also am honored and appreciate that these lightworkers are holding positive space in the way that they can. But what struck me as I watched them all is that I heard this from my guide team…

"This is all going to have to change now. These practitioners carry un-unified individual pieces of the puzzle. But without the facts about the power and control agendas on the planet factored into the discussion, it’s not giving the full picture that’s necessary at this time. This will have to change now that the battle for the planet and future of humanity is visible to the public. They need to know the actual players and dark systems in place so that they can make decisions directly regarding their participation and daily lives, innovate, turn the tide of environmental destruction to the earth, and lay new positive systems to replace the old. We do not call it battle if that is an adverse discussion for your system. We will call it participation.”

Your children have been pulled out of a schooling system designed to imprison them in mental controls. A full stop of the economy gives you time to process great fear out of your systems as well as remove people who were disheartening you. Not all timelines are golden nor are they dark. You are the mix of them. Details are found in the very recesses of your awareness. Do you feel good about a situation? No? Then stop it. We just initiated a full planetary stop (collectively). Take responsibility for yourself. Look at new situation options. Step in and say NO, but do it with a dedication to a new solution and participation in the rooms where you walk. That is how you address the darkness. With a warrior’s compassion, but as a warrior none-the-less.

In the options available to me as an intuitive with vision, I will share some of what I am aware of at this point.

· I know to use in-the-moment guidance in decision-making as to whether or not I go out in public, and for now, the answer is no. (Kinesiology is a great tool for this.)

· I know not to take any ‘vaccine’ that is offered.

· I am aware that the solution-path isn’t vaccines or testing. That will be a lie. Masks and distancing is key.

· I know not to wear “smart technology” that is offered including fitness trackers or smart watches.

· I am aware that taking the opportunity provided to rest and acclimate to the new energies is very important right now.

There are still elements of society that will still need to fall down before it will occur to certain populations that change is required. My job isn’t to get into a debate with these individuals. And in fact, I may need to play a waiting game for certain global situations to run their course before I potentially offer a positive solution or lend my expertise. Part of self-care is knowing when to walk out of a room. It is no longer acceptable on any level to let someone “shoot at me” in the name of bringing light or aide to a group. Don’t use your training as an excuse to not be powerful. If you recognize that you are a gentle lightworker or empath or have a patterned history of staying in a room with a determination to heal the room; recognize that you dis-empower yourself and assist no one when you allow or participate in abuse and negativity.

"If you understand and realize that chaos, dis-empowerment and fear are the agenda of the darkness, you can shut them off in your mind very deliberately. And from that point, turn your focus to connecting to higher vibrational source light. This will lead to realizations and solutions on your path forward. Don’t believe for a moment that you are trapped. We do not encourage isolationism that refuses to pay attention and listen."